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User:ow_mybrain (21928)
ow, my brain
and the blows keep coming
Location:New York, United States


my name is liz. i am primarily known for prattling on about almost anything. i am a prolific reader and spend entirely too much time getting into the heads of the characters (and the writers, for that matter). i'm a writer myself, although i don't think i'm a particularly gifted one, but my opinion doesn't really count because the artist is the harshest critic of his or her own work, no?
my life as of late revolves around my status as an undergraduate college student, as well as my newborn obsession with fashion photography, roleplaying, and vampires of the sparkly variety. i'm pretty sure this negates any street cred i may ever have possessed, but let's be honest, folks-- i never had that much to begin with.
this journal is primarily going to be used for character development for my various roleplaying characters. i'm in three games, all at livejournal: pierian springs, stage left, and a royal pain (the latter two of which i moderate). so i'll post little blurbs or personality assessments and questionnaires and fun junk like that here. enjoy, and check out the games! the links are below-- they're pretty awesome.
    oh, and it's called 'ow, my brain' because my characters tend to fight in my head or never shut up when i have other things to do. oh the plight of the creatively inclined.
- Pierian Springs
- Stage Left
- A Royal Pain
- Profile Code
- BG Pattern

Interests:26: c.s. lewis, coldplay, dorothy parker, elton john, ernest hemingway, f. scott fitzgerald, franz ferdinand, j.r.r. tolkien, john keats, laura ingalls wilder, lifehouse, meg cabot, muse, naps, ok go, operator please, patrick wolf, reading, shoe shopping, singing, sondre lerche, staying up late, tennessee williams, william shakespeare, writing, your mom
Schools:None listed
People10:benedirebeatrix, bringmayflowers, colourexplosion, derkins, dreamandawake, friendlyfire, killnoalbatross, lastbeautifool, lemonadeandgin, owllight
Friend of:10: benedirebeatrix, bringmayflowers, colourexplosion, derkins, dreamandawake, friendlyfire, killnoalbatross, lastbeautifool, lemonadeandgin, owllight
Account type:Early Free User

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