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Liz ([info]ow_mybrain) wrote,
@ 2008-09-09 19:24:00

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Current location:SM/201
Current mood:busy
Current music:"I'm Yours," Jason Mraz

i loves teh pbs
PART 1: Why did you choose who you did as the PBs for your characters?
PART 2: Who is your favourite PB to date?
PART 3: Which PB have you used most?
PART 4: Which PB are you most unsatisfied with?

Part I

Andrew Cooper // Ernest Hemingway: I'm not exactly sure how I picked out Andrew Cooper. Let me examine my AIM logs to see if there is any thought process associated with this decision...

Okay. I was stuck between Andrew Cooper, Christian Bale, Justin Chatwin, and Paul Rudd. Bale was too... not Hemingway, Chatwin was way too young, and Rudd was not quite Hemingwayish and maybe a bit old, too. And Andrew Cooper had some icons with really nice facial expressions, and he was HOT. He looks athletic and like the kind of guy who likes to go camping and be a mountain man like Miller. So. That's the name of that tune. NEXT!

Gemma Arterton // Dorothy Parker: I think I was just scrolling through hollow_art trying to find a PB for her, and I come across this drop-dead gorgeous gal who, COINCIDENTALLY, is bifflz with Eddie Redmayne. GOOD PLANNING, RIGHT? Anyway, I loved her cheeky look and the perpetual smirk on her face. It was so Dot. She's one of my favorite PB finds, really.

Hugo Sauzay // Charles Perrault: I had originally planned to bring in a Gaston Leroux, was all set up and was planning to PB... I can't remember, maybe Helge Gjerstad? Anyway, I think PBing Hugo was kind of a rush job because there are some pics I really like him in, and some where I think he looks like a fugly slut. Not my favorite.

Luke Treadaway // Leopold von Sacher Masoch: Micha really wanted a set of twins for de Sade and Sacher-Masoch, and Cristal and Lena were using the set she liked, so I did some scouring around ether_bunny @ IJ and came up with Luke and Harry near the end of the list. Harry is clearly the more devious-looking one, and Luke sort of has a sweet, thoughtful look to him, which I thought was fitting for a character like Leo. Plus, we really loved all the pics of them together because they look so brotherly. (I love the ones where they hold hands, so cute.) Also, they were in a movie where they made out with each other. (Which I have sitting on my desk... I need to watch that this week.)

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley // E. B. White: I think I knew I was going to make a girl-shaped White because I felt I could relate to the character more if she was female, and I wanted to keep my male-to-female ratio even. (Yes, I am anal-retentive. This is not new.) Anyway, Rosie is totally hot most of the time, but I found some photos of her where she seemed really girl-next-door and down-to-earth, and I felt like she could fit a character who doesn't quite understand how pretty she is and has all these anxieties and things like that. Also, I didn't want someone too waifish because Andie is a big girl and she is not some sort of damsel-in-distress or anything like that. Yes. Moving on.

Willa Holland // Laura Ingalls Wilder: Pretty much my favorite PB ever. She is uber-cute and has that sort of sweet-yet-sassy attitude Laura has. Plus, I just kind of thought it was funny that Willa looks so adorable and yet is best known for playing that heinous bitch Kaitlin Cooper on The OC. Also, have I mentioned that she is totally cute? She so is.

I'll add the other folks later if you like. My brain is just tired right now.

Part II

Gemma and Willa HANDS DOWN. They are so perfect for their characters, it kind of scares me. Oh, and Spencer, even though I didn't go into him in detail. Vincent Lacrocq was made to play a sexy evil boy.

Part III

I don't think I've used any of them twice, actually. I only really started seriously RPing less than a year ago!

Part IV

As I said above, I was never quiiite happy with Hugo as Perrault, and I question Conrad Matschke as Robin Hood once in a while, but Micha loves him and would probably kill me if I changed him, and I really do like him for the most part.

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