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Liz ([info]ow_mybrain) wrote,
@ 2008-09-11 19:33:00

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Current location:SM/201
Current mood:tired
Current music:"Suffused With Love," Sondre Lerche
Entry tags:sleeping positions

I thought this was actually kind of interesting, what Micha did with the sleeping thing. I'm going to steal it.

Laura often starts out curled up in something akin to the fetal position, usually clutching something like a pillow or a stuffed animal in her arms. She tends to move around a lot in the night, and I think she may kick occasionally and steal the covers when someone else is sleeping with her (which is why her parents never let her sleep with them when she was little, haha). But she always wakes up the same way she was when she fell asleep, with her knees drawn up a little ways and with her blanket all nice and cozy around her.

Spencer sleeps on his stomach, usually quite sprawled-out. He has a king-sized bed so he can certainly afford to do so. When there is someone else in his bed, he tends to keep his distance a little more, depending on who is there. If it's a random hook-up, he won't move anywhere near them, but if it's someone he's seen more than a couple times (read: Edward) he tends to get his limbs a bit tangled up with theirs. His pillows often end up on the floor for this reason.

Dot usually sleeps half on her stomach, half on her side, with a pillow positioned lengthwise so it goes from her chest up to her head. She usually sleeps with an arm hanging off the bed and her face smashed into the pillow. It is not pretty.

Andie used to wear headgear, so she's used to sleeping flat on her back, arms either crossed over her chest or scrunching the blankets around herself. She wears a night guard to keep her teeth from grinding and occasionally makes weird/gross noises unconsciously when she's sleeping.

Kat does not like to sleep alone, but when she does, she gets in bed, gets under the covers, and pulls them out so they aren't tucked into the bed. Then she makes sort of a cocoon for herself and sleeps with one arm under her pillow and the other hand curled in the blankets. When she's sleeping with someone else, she curls right up next to them and winds her arms around them and snuggles like a champ. She is a bit of a mouth breather, unfortunately, but at least she's warm and sexy.

Hemingway sleeps on his stomach with one arm under the pillow and his face smashed into the gap between the pillows on each side of the bed, usually. He snores awfully and should probably get his uvula removed to remedy that. He also sleep-mumbles sometimes.

Meredith sleeps with the covers tucked in around her up to her chest, with her arms folded over the blankets and a sleep mask on. She is a very light sleeper and the slightest hint of light or sound wakes her up. She's paid quite a bit of money to have her bedroom walls soundproofed for this reason. She gets even more cranky when she hasn't had her rest, so it's unwise to wake her unless the house is burning down around her or God is flooding the earth again, in which case Mer is pretty sure he'd let her know in advance.

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2008-09-12 03:27 pm UTC (link)
Ahhh goodness! Hemingway's sleep-mumbling should not sound so fucking adorable. Eeee that makes me giggle.

Also, I love the way Dot sleeps.

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