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Liz ([info]ow_mybrain) wrote,
@ 2008-09-24 13:05:00

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Current location:SM/201
Entry tags:advice, questions

My life is fail this week, that's why.

If you could say anything to one (or more) of my characters, what would you say? Give advice, give a compliment, ask a question, whatever! I'll give you a response in-character.


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2008-09-24 09:26 pm UTC (link)
What kind of scene will it take to get the kittyface icon? Simone is prepared to compromise for it.

When did you first get that weird little crush thing on Jimmy?

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2008-09-24 09:30 pm UTC (link)
Oh, whenever I feel so inclined. What about Halloween? I know cats are pretty girly, but hey, if Simone's up for it... I'd totally dress like a cat for her. Rawr.


Like... midway through last year? I think. Maybe closer to the beginning of the year. I don't really know when I realized it but I remembered he grew his hair out a little over the summer and I liked it. God, I sound retarded.

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2008-09-25 02:02 am UTC (link)
Laura: You are the cutest thing on the planet, I wish you were my best friend. Of all the things in the world, what are you most afraid of?

Kat: Do you think Remy and Hadrian's relationship can last?

Leo: Do you ever worry about getting the backlash of Donatien's bad behavior? Casey almost stabbed you! Besides Hoffmann, do you have any crushes?

Spencer: Have you learned anything about Lucy's background through your many connections? What is your opinion on what you've learned, if anything?

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2008-09-25 04:41 am UTC (link)
Laura: Oh my gosh, you're too sweet. I think you're so nice. Anyway, um... afraid of? Being alone, I guess. I'm not very good on my own. Well, I mean, not that I'm not worthy or something like that. I just mean that I hate being lonely and alone. Anyway. That would be horrible. But I don't think I have to worry about that... at least, I hope not.

Kat: Well, I dont know Hadrian all that well, but based on what I know about Remy? I just hope Hadrian doesn't get attached too quickly. I mean... Remy's only eighteen! They can't be planning on, like... getting married anytime soon. God, what a shitshow that would be...

Leo: Sometimes. I mean... I guess I've never really thought about it. Donatien looks after me, so... I guess that's all right. Anyway... crushes? How-- how did you know? And no, I don't suppose I do. Then again, I haven't really spent enough time getting to know everyone else around here. Donatien likes to do the people-watching, not me.

Spencer: Bits and pieces. Found out her last name. Hooooly shit. No wonder she wouldn't tell me. Still, it pains me that she totally underestimates my inability to fear anything. I'm not afraid of those crazy motherfuckers. I'm just wondering if she'll ever think about telling me. Never mind the fact that I already know. I'm just curious as to whether she trusts me or not. Not that I'm saying she should. I'm just curious.

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2008-09-27 11:14 pm UTC (link)
kat: if you could give any advice to hadrian about remy, what would it be?

alexander: boxers or briefs?

hemingway: i love you, have more faith in yourself!! how serious do you think you and susie will get?

dot: evelyn or neil? choose, choose now.

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2008-09-28 05:43 am UTC (link)
He's a sweetheart, but he's kind of an attention whore. You have to learn to ignore him sometimes, I think. He's really used to getting his way, too, but I'm not exactly sure what you'd do about that... I mean, he's not exactly six years old anymore, you know?

That didn't help at all, did it? I'm sorry.

Boxers. Briefs are for pansies. Occasionally boxer briefs, if I want to feel pretty.

Jesus, you sound like Susie. And speaking of... I don't know. I don't really like to think about it, I just let things happen in their own time. All I know is that I don't want to fuck it up. I fuck everything else up - I can't fuck this up.

Oh, fine choice. I guess, though... see, I don't think Neil wants me all that badly. And Evelyn kissed me before he really even knew how I felt about him, so I guess I'd have to say him. I think. See, this whole business of falling in love is so horrible. I'd like it more if it worked out more often.

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