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Liz ([info]ow_mybrain) wrote,
@ 2008-10-14 22:37:00

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Current location:SM/201D
Current mood:sleepy
Current music:"Be OK," Ingrid Michaelson
Entry tags:questions

you guys, i'm supposed to be listening to beethoven

Name: Elizabeth Anne Agresta
Alias: Liz
Years role playing: Like... five? Maybe six.

Notebooks: I used to, but now it's easier to use my computer.
Earthlink: Quoi?
Chatrooms: AIM, yeah.
Message Boards: Used to all the time, but not anymore.
Journals: TOO MANY.

Favourite three characters: Laura Ingalls, Spencer Hughes, Dorothy Parker.
Least favourite character: I've dropped all the ones I don't like, I think. Sometimes I think Cordelia is kind of lame. It's sad, because the Shakespeare character is so good. I think I just fail at doing justice to characters, that's all.
Male or female characters: I'm much better with girls, I think. My boys are always so bad. Except Spencer and Robbie. But even they took a while to get going, and that was after I'd been seriously RPing for a few months, too.
Oldest character: The first decent RP character was Scarlett in like... what, 2004? Maybe 2005? But as of right now, my oldest character is Dot. Oh darling Dot. She's really been through the wringer with me.
Most popular character: The fact that you all seem to love Spencer worries me. Laura gets quite a few scenes, and Dot's been busy lately. Honestly, it's my favorites who get the most attention because I like to write them more.

Which character of yours would be most likely to...
Jump off a bridge: Oh, jeez... Dot, maybe, although she'd rather die quietly and by her own design, I think. Laura might jump off a not-very-high bridge into like. A pond. Peter definitely would. He'd think he could fly or something. Idiot.
Get drunk and pass out: Dot puts herself to sleep like that when she's had a bad day, so, yes. Spencer, probably, too.
Kill somebody in a very unorthodox way: Spencer, probably. Sigh.
Get married: Alice. She'd be a very pretty gay bride. Laura, obviously. She wants all that someday. She's very idealistic about it, though. Robbie, I bet. He'd be a really good husband and dad, I think. Kat wants to get married someday, but she's too antsy to think about it now. Honestly, I want to get married really badly someday, and I think I probably project that onto my characters.
Be far too hyper for their own good: Kat and Laura. Maybe Peter.
Rape somebody: You know, I don't even know if Spencer would do this. He likes to be wanted, really, and nobody WANTS a rapist.
Be raped: Laura, because it almost happened;
Get lost and refuse to ask for directions: Hemingway, because he's a stubborn bastard.
Get lung cancer: Leo gets a lot of secondhand smoke. Dot smokes once in a while, and with her luck she'd get cancer.
Star in a horror movie: I think Kat would find that hilarious.
Star in a porno: Sex tape, Spencer says. Sex tape. Big difference. Also, Kat might do it if it wasn't some kind of weird sketchy deal.
Star in a video game: Robbie, because he's awesome.
Be a rap star: LMAO, Robbie would be a hilarious rapper.
Have a torrid gay love affair: LOLOL.

Relate each word to a character of yours.
Love: Laura
Hate: Self-hate? Dot. Other people hate? Um. I don't know.
Money: Spencer
Seduction: Spencer
Lies: ... I'm sensing a theme here.
Tragedy: Dot, I think. And Leo.
Manipulation: Spencer
Violence: Donatien
Politics: Alex or Robbie
Fire: Dot
Ice: Andie or Leo

Lastly, would you ever...
Play a prostitute? Sure, why not?
Play a musician? Being musical myself, I've had characters who are musicians... John, Robbie, Leo, Alice, Viola... there might be others, I'm not sure.
Play a pilot? Random. Um. I guess?
Play a homosexual? ... LOLOL.
Play a pedophile? I think I would feel really weird playing one but I'm not saying I wouldn't consider it...
Play a politician? Lawyers, politicians... they all run on lies, does it really matter?
Create a character for the sole purpose of smut?</i> I've picked a character to fulfill a certain dynamic or pairing, but I wouldn't say we head straight to smut. I only started writing smut a few months ago, and I don't even think it's very good, so why would I create a character for JUST that purpose? Also, not everything is about sex.

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