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Liz ([info]ow_mybrain) wrote,
@ 2009-01-09 14:51:00

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Current location:living room
Current mood:bored
Current music:"Whistle for the Choir," The Fratellis
Entry tags:ficlets, kisses

ficlets, ficlets, get your ficlets!
Pick two characters, one I play and one you play, and come with a location and/or situation, and I will write you between 50 and 250 words a short fic of probably any length about the kiss that happened in that context.

It can be a pairing we already share or one that is completely random and impossible! It can also be old characters of mine or yours. No limits on this one!

Just give me a bit of time on these, I want them to be good. :D

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2009-01-09 09:00 pm UTC (link)
I am going to ask for Oscar and John. In like, first grade. It doesn't have to be a kiss, it can be holding hands, but Oscar would totally be brave enough.

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2009-01-10 11:51 pm UTC (link)
It's recess time for the first-graders, but instead of scrambling up the ladder to the slide like half of the class is doing, John is sitting on a park bench to the side of the playground, his short legs dangling over the edge of the seat. There's a sketchpad in his lap and he's working on drawing a picture of a tree with a great big bird's nest in it. His round face is screwed up as he bows his head over the drawing, scribbling furiously to get the perfect shade of blue for that robin's egg protruding from the nest.

He's not the only one who isn't playing. Oscar is smoothing a small square tablecloth - likely the blanket he uses for naptime - onto a patch of grass at the edge of the playground, not far from where John is sitting. He's chattering animatedly about the weather to a stuffed bear while clutching an empty plastic teacup. He's a bit frustrated that no one else would join his tea party, and glances around him to see if he can't wheedle some lonesome soul into joining. He spots John and pats Teddy on the head, assuring him he'll be right back, and then gets to his feet, brushing some imaginary dust from the front of his pants.

John glances up at the sound of grass rustling and reaches for his box of crayons, putting the blue one away and reaching for yellow-green instead. He doesn't think Oscar would bother to talk to him, so he's a little surprised when the other boy stops in front of his bench and smoothes a tendril of his slightly floppy brown hair. "Excuse me," he says, folding his hands neatly. "I came to tell you that you are formally invited to a private tea party at the Corner of the Playground this afternoon." He smiles brightly at John. "I think you will be much better company than Teddy," he adds in a stage whisper, leaning towards John.

John sucks on the inside of his cheek, listening to all this, and then nods slowly. "Okay," he says, putting his crayons away and flipping the sketchpad closed as he slides off the bench.

"Really?" Oscar gushes, eyes wide. He throws his arms around John, who is quite a bit smaller than him, and gives him a squeeze, then draws back and grabs his hand, tugging him eagerly towards his party set-up. "Oh, thank you so much," he says, lacing his fingers with those of the smaller boy, who blushes faintly at all the attention. "Tell me, do you like banana nut or apple muffins better..."

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2009-01-10 01:37 am UTC (link)
UM. UH. ROBBIE AND MUCH, LOL IDK. situation.. mistletoe. :P

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2009-01-11 07:02 pm UTC (link)

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2009-01-14 01:32 am UTC (link)
Will and Robbie's annual Christmas fĂȘte is always a hit, but this year it's especially kickass. Practically everybody they know - and some they don't - is there, and the downstairs neighbors have been banging on their ceiling all night threatening to call the cops. But as long as the keg keeps flowing (thanks to Will) and the snacks keep coming (courtesy of the long-suffering pizza guy), this party is going to go on through the new year.

Robbie - who is more than a little trashed, but more fun for it - makes his way through the crowd of people dancing and talking (more yelling, really, over the volume of the music) in his living room, looking for some more familiar faces. Or at least someone to drunk hug. He drains the rest of his solo cup and chucks it over his shoulder, his cheeks flushed and a slightly drowsy grin on his face. His eyes scan the crowd and his grin widens when he sees a friend. "MUCH," he yells over the pounding bass, flinging his arms around the small, skinny boy.

"Hi Robbie," Much squeaks, spilling half of his own beer on himself when Robbie crushes him to his chest. "Merry Christmas!"

"Merry Christmas!" Robbie says, pulling back and leaning against the wall in the hallway they're situated in. "Are you having a good time?"

"Mmhm!" Much says, rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet, hardly fazed by the beer soaking through his too-big sweater. "Your house looks very Christmas-y."

"I love Christmas," Robbie says, looking around the walls. Something catches his eye just above the two of them, and he laughs. "Look, Much! Mistletoe!"

Much looks up. "Wha--"

But it's too late. Robbie grabs Much's face, leans in, and plants a wet one right on his mouth.

"ROBBIE!" somebody shouts, and Robbie kisses off, wiping his mouth and looking to his left. It's Will, and he's looking pretty furious, shoving people aside to reach his cousin and his boyfriend.

"William!" Robbie says, a sheepish grin on his face. He turns back to Much. "Merry Christmas, Much. Ta!"

And with that, he flees to the safety of the bathroom, the only room in the apartment with a lock on the door.

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2009-01-14 01:36 am UTC (link)
LOLLLLLL so fun!! omg much would be so confused. but AWWW you made me miss him now. 8(

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2009-01-10 04:07 am UTC (link)
lmao lmao Miller and Wendy, at some crazy ten year Lowood reunion.

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2009-01-12 05:28 pm UTC (link)
Andie and Jimmy. At Parker's. Bonus points for milkshakes.

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2009-01-16 08:38 am UTC (link)
Andie taps her feet impatiently outside the entrance to Parker's. Since the owner hasn't seen hide nor hair of either Andie or Jimmy in an entire year, he's completely forgotten about their permanent banishment from the establishment. Andie's a little anxious anyway, especially since it's been about ten minutes and she does not have a black-and-white milkshake in her possession yet. Jimmy was the one who wanted to come here. Jimmy was the one who made up the stupid story about the condors. It was Jimmy's fault they got banned in the first place. So, in honor of their new beginning, Andie offered him the opportunity to turn over a new leaf and order the shakes. Very gracious, she thought. Of course, she didn't think it would take him almost a quarter of an hour to secure their frosty beverages.

There's a loud clanking noise inside, a shout, and then the door flies open, Jimmy fleeing the premises with two styrofoam cups in his hands. Andie's eyebrows practically shoot into her hair, and with a yell from Jimmy, she spits her gum into the grass and takes off after him, running as fast as her legs can carry her to the park, their usual summertime hangout.

Panting, the two of them reach the shady grove of trees near the playground, and Andie drops down to her knees, falling over onto her side, her cheeks flushed and her hair frizzing into messy flyaways. "What-- on earth-- did you do?" she wails, attempting to sit up and look at Jimmy but failing dismally, rolling onto her back and breathing deeply.

"I-- uh," Jimmy says intelligently, still gasping for air himself. He drops down next to her, still clutching the milkshakes. "They-- recognized me."

"How?" Andie asks, pushing herself up slightly on her elbows and glancing down at Jimmy.

"I-- uh," Jimmy repeats. "There may have been mention of the banana splits." He winces, preparing himself in case Andie decides to haul off and punch him.

Andie groans and tugs one of the cups out of his hand, popping off the top. "You didn't even get straws," she grumbles.

"There wasn't time!" Jimmy says frantically, sitting up, wide-eyed. "I tried, Cool-Rhythm, but the fat manager tried to strangle me and take the jewfro as a trophy!"

Andie just frowns woundedly at him over the rim of her shake, although it's hard for Jimmy to take her seriously when she lowers the cup and shows that newly-formed milk mustache. He grins despite her discontent and leans in to get a better look at it (which will probably freak her out).

Andie's eyes widen a bit and her heart starts to pound. What's he doing? Her tongue darts out across her upper lip, tasting chocolate, and she closes her eyes just in case.

Jimmy's eyebrows shoot up. What's she-- OH GOD. He's thought about this for a long, long time, but he never thought it would happen like this. Quick, Jimmy! Do something! What would Nemesis do? GET OUT OF MY HEAD, NEMESIS! He tries not to whimper from fear as he shuts his eyes, too, leaning in a little further, though not quite close enough to touch her lips.

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2009-01-16 08:38 am UTC (link)
Andie sits there for a few seconds, eyes closed, her sanity simmering somewhere on the brink of panic. She cracks one eye open, terrified that he's just staring at her like she's grown three heads, but is surprised to find him sitting there, his face very close to hers, with his eyes closed as well. Andie sits there for another second or two, cheeks burning, before she clears her throat gently. "Uh. Jimmy?"

Jimmy's pretty sure he wants to die a little. He cracks one eye open, too, looking as guilty as a kid stealing from the cookie jar. "Uh. Hi. I was. Just. Uh."

Andie shuts her eyes again. She should just get it over with and stop being such a terrified baby. He was doing the same thing! He wanted to kiss her! Maybe! Oh dear god. She squeezes her eyes shut as tight as they go, till it almost hurts, and then closes that gap, missing his mouth full-on and catching the corner of it. She pulls back fast as a snapping rubber band and covers her sugary mouth with one hand, eyes still closed.

Jimmy opens his eyes, stunned, but a touch emboldened. Andie did it, he ought to man up and do it right. Right? Just because he's a part-time ballerina doesn't mean he can't kiss a girl. Right? He sucks in a breath, crawls across the space in the grass between them, and reaches for Andie's hand, pulling it away from her mouth. It's much softer and smaller than his and his stomach does something weird when he laces his fingers with hers, but he bravely ignores it and leans in, touching his lips very tentatively to the center of her mouth, barely tasting the chocolate there.

Andie makes a soft noise of surprise but doesn't break the kiss, just squeezes Jimmy's hand. Well. It'll be an interesting story to tell the kids.


Oh, GOD.

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2009-01-16 04:48 pm UTC (link)

oh my god YES that's so exactly how it would happen.

my favorite line was 'the fat manager tried to strangle me and take the jewfro as a trophy!'

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2009-01-13 11:17 pm UTC (link)
oooh I miss them so much so jt and lydia. at a carnival.

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2009-01-14 12:57 am UTC (link)
JT crosses his arms, standing off to the side of a very long line at the Pierian Springs fall carnival. Lydia smirks at him playfully from a spot almost at the head of the line. He has to try very hard not to smile back; Lydia's waiting at the kissing booth. She's mostly doing it because she knows he's indignant about it, and he's not sure how he feels about that, but he's curious to see what she'll really do once she reaches the front of the line.

That's her next, JT observes, chewing on the inside of his cheek with anticipation. She doesn't show any sign of backing off. He glances from Lydia to the handsome guy behind the booth to his watch, and then wanders a little closer to the booth, then closer, closer...

JT drops his shoulder, shoves the other boy out of the way, and leans in to lock lips with Lydia, cradling her jaw with one hand. She cracks an eye open at the familiar feel of his lips and breaks away, laughing. JT grins as well, the corners of his eyes crinkling. "I failed Sharing in Kindergarten," he snickers, leaning in to catch her lips again.

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2009-01-16 06:17 pm UTC (link)
awww I miss them. :]

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