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Liz ([info]ow_mybrain) wrote,
@ 2009-01-16 01:43:00

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Entry tags:things unsaid

because i fail at keeping up
Pick one of my characters and one of yours, and I'll tell you something they've always wanted to say to your character but could never bring themselves to say out loud.

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2009-01-16 09:08 am UTC (link)
right back atcha!

spencer to piers, robbie to much, dot to neil, and miller to susie!

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2009-01-16 11:44 pm UTC (link)
spencer to piers: "You fucked everything up, and I hate you, but I still think you have a nice ass. Fucker."

robbie to much: "I think you are possibly the strangest boy I've ever met, but I'm glad you make Will happy."

dot to neil: "I miss you. You're so bad for me, but I can't help it."

miller to susie: "I'm only going to hurt you in the end, but I'm too selfish to let you know."

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2009-01-16 06:13 pm UTC (link)
mwahaha dot to markie.
also, because I love them ever so, sugarlips to lyds. ;D

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2009-01-16 11:48 pm UTC (link)
dot to markie: "I think you are a vapid whore who seriously needs to put her priorities in order. You think I'm trashy - you're the one who writes about waking up clutching a bottle of rum or what the fuck ever. Glass house, honey. Stop throwing those stones."

jt to lydia: "I could probably see myself marrying you someday."

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2009-01-17 11:50 pm UTC (link)
if jt said that, lydia would die. in a good way. xD

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2009-01-16 07:35 pm UTC (link)
Andie to Jimmy and Laura to Jake please~

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2009-01-16 11:46 pm UTC (link)
andie to jimmy: "I have this house on The Sims and we live in it and we have two kids and if you ever find out, I'll die."

laura to jake: "I wish I had a brother like you. I'm so glad Liam has you in his life."

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2009-01-17 08:36 pm UTC (link)
OMFG can I just say that Andie to Jimmy oh my GOD that made me have like a spasmattack it was so cute.

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2009-01-17 11:13 pm UTC (link)
lmao... that's one of those real life things? that i maybe actually do?


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2009-01-17 08:49 pm UTC (link)
You picked some good ones, so I ask the same in return!

John to Oscar

Spencer to Edward

Cori to Roswel

Dot to Evelyn

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2009-01-17 11:33 pm UTC (link)
john to oscar: "I think I'd always be scared of you after Dorian happened. It's not because I don't trust you. I'm just scared."

spencer to edward: "I could probably love you, you know. I'd do whatever you want, and you know it, and I hate it. I hate myself for what I did, and I know it doesn't look that way, but I do. I'm a dickhead."

cori to roswel: "You're so weird. So weird. And even though I could never realistically see a future with you, I still think you're one of the most interesting, amusing people I've ever met. And god, you have a nice mouth."

dot to evelyn: "Even though you're the closest thing I have to a best friend, I still think you're one of the most ignorant jerks I've ever met and you could really use a swift kick in the ass. I'd volunteer my services in a heartbeat."

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