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Liz ([info]ow_mybrain) wrote,
@ 2008-08-19 23:19:00

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Current mood:bored
Current music:Olympics theme
Entry tags:fic, original characters, original story

old story ideas
Forgive me for how cringeworthy the following is about to be.

So I think maybe... five years ago, I got the idea for this story. Mostly because I liked the name Apollonia and wanted to use it. I think it was meant to be some kind of fairytale thing, magic and all that jazz. And a love story, of course, because all the best stories are love stories. (At least I think so.)

Anyway, I only ended up writing (barely) a chapter of it, but Cristal's entry made me think I should post it. Maybe someday I'll actually figure out a plot for it and get it finished. Who knows?

Apollonia Taylor of Trent
Young and inexperienced in the ways of just about anything, 16-year-old Apollonia wants nothing more than to get out of her small town of Trent in Arching. She lives with her mother and several brothers and sisters in a small farmhouse. Her life consists of taking care of the children and milking the cows - not the most exciting life to live, but it's Apollonia's. Her mother forbids her to do much of anything - leave the town borders, associate with young men (her mother thinks it's inappropriate, that Apollonia is too young to be experiencing what it is to be in love - but that could be because Apollonia's father ran off to goodness knows where just before Apollonia's mother, Catherine, gave birth to Apollonia's youngest brother, Aidan), or even spend her own pocket money. All her life, Apollonia has known nothing but restriction and she is ready to leave Trent and explore the other places in the land of Arching.

The Countess of Danesburg
Victoria St. Laurent, the Countess, is a conniving sneak, and is always snooping around and telling lies. Despite her cruel personality, she is a favorite of the King of Arching, and lives in his palace in the Royal City of Banebury. For a long time, she has had an eye on Prince Robin of Arching, and anyone who comes between her and the apple of her eye is going to get a nice tongue-lashing.

The Prince of Arching
Robin, of the Clements of Banebury, is the son of King Stephan, ruler of all the land of Arching. The Prince is constantly trying to escape life at Banebury Court, for it is all false and frilly, and the Prince is not much into frilly affairs. He is aware of the Countess' watchful eye over him, and finds her shallow and overbearing. His father's desire for him to marry does not make matters better, considering he favors Victoria over all the other ladies of Banebury as a suitable wife. The Prince is desperate to leave Banebury and see other places in Arching.

The King of Arching
Stephan I, King of the land of Arching, is a rather foolish man. He does not see his son's hate for Court life, nor does he see the bad happenings in the Court. Above all the ladies of Banebury, he favors Victoria, Countess of Danesburg, a wicked young woman who is deceitful and scornful. He is a good man, but a foolish king, turning a blind eye to anything out of place.

The Duchess of Everwood
Rebecca Carsmore, the Duchess, is a sweet young lady, friendly to all of Banebury Court, even the horrendous Countess. The Countess especially hates her, for she is good friends with the Prince, though not in a romantic-type way, and is 'competition' to the eyes of Victoria. Rebecca is kind and loves animals and small children, and misses her home in Everwood, a province in Arching near the supposedly enchanted Norfolk Wood.



Sixteen-year-old Apollonia Taylor scrambled back over the fence, her long chestnut hair swinging and her green-grey eyes shining with mirth.

“Get back to work! There is no time to be idle when there is work to be done!” cried the voice of her mother, Catherine.

Apollonia groaned to herself, then yelled back, “Coming, Mother!”

She whispered goodbye to her friend Rachel Cromwell from behind the fence, and somberly walked back into the stables.

“You know you are not supposed to leave your chores until you are finished,” Catherine scolded.

Apollonia sighed. “Yes, Mother.”

“Get to work, then,” said Catherine, gesturing toward the cows and leaving the stables.

Apollonia sat down on her stool next to a cow named Bluebell and rested her chin in her hand. She hated her life in Trent. Maybe a lot of other people liked the country and enjoyed milking cows day after day, but it wasn’t for her.

Her older brother Peter walked into the stable, and leaned against one of the posts, watching Apollonia work.

“Mother giving you a hard time again?” he asked casually, as Apollonia begrudgingly milked Bluebell.

“Yes,” she grunted, steadily filling the milk pail. “It’s to be expected, though. ‘Apollonia, you should set a better example for your brothers and sisters.’ ‘Apollonia, do get back to work.’ ‘How many times, Apollonia, must I ask you to stop horsing around and do your chores?’ It’s all I ever hear from her!”

She looked up at Peter. He was tall and lean, with light brown hair and dark brown eyes, and tanned skin from working in the fields.

“Aw, Polly, you know her. She always thinks she knows what’s right,” said Peter, in a comforting manner. “Soon enough you’ll be out of here. I know you will.”

Apollonia rolled her eyes. “You know, if I even thought about leaving this place, Mother would pitch a fit. I’m going to be stuck in Trent until I die, for cryin’ sakes.”

“Oh, come on,” said Peter, running a hand over his closely-cropped hair. “You always find a way to get out of things. You can do it this time.”

“Maybe I can,” said Apollonia, standing up and shoving her stool against a side wall. A grin crossed her face. “Maybe I will.”


The rooster crowed early the next morning, jolting Apollonia out of a peaceful slumber. Muttering curses under her breath, she lay back on her pillow, pulling one of her many books of myths and legends of Arching off of the shelf next to her bed.

If it was one thing Apollonia loved in Trent, it was the magnificent bookshop on the high street of the small country town. There she spent hours poring over books of lore, telling of the first days of Arching and the great kings and queens and knights of the country, of dragon-slayers, and magic-makers, of wizards and fairies, and enchanted glades and haunted caves.

All this stuff positively mesmerized Apollonia, and she was intent on visiting all these mythical places; perhaps even the great city of Banebury, capital city of Arching, where King Stephan and his son Prince Robin lived, ruling over the vast country that was Arching. Never had she been outside the borders of Trent, and life was beginning to seem very monotonous.

“Apollonia!” Catherine’s shrill voice called up the stairs. “Wake your sisters and come help with breakfast!”

Apollonia rolled over and sighed. “Why can’t I ever have a single moment to myself?” she muttered, throwing back the comforter and rolling out of bed. She pulled back the curtains of her bedside window and threw open the shutters to let the sunlight in, then strode over to the wardrobe, dressed herself in a fresh blouse and breeches, and went into her younger sisters’ bedroom.

“Felicity,” Apollonia whispered, gently shaking her thirteen-year-old sister. “Emily. Emily, wake up,” she murmured, leaning over to nudge her youngest sister, who was nine. “Wash up and get dressed. Time for breakfast.”

The girls yawned and sighed and Apollonia filled their washbowl with cool water from the jug on the table. She splashed a bit on her face and flicked the water from her hands towards the bed, which made her sisters spring awake.

“Up, sleepyheads,” she said, in mock cheerfulness, and headed downstairs.

“Mind the oatmeal, and start cracking eggs,” Catherine ordered as Apollonia entered the kitchen. “Peter’s outside milking the cows. Where are the girls?”

“They’re getting dressed right now,” Apollonia said.

“All right,” said Catherine. “Well, when they get down here, tell Emily to let the cats outside and Felicity can set the table. I’m going to go get the baby.”

“Yes, Mother,” said Apollonia, as her mother hurried upstairs. The girls came clattering downstairs shortly.

“Emily, let the cats out,” Apollonia said, repeating her mother’s orders, “and Felicity, set the table, please.”

That's where I gave up about ten months ago, haha. Anyway, I think it's really lame, but I think the characters have potential. If anyone has any input/feedback/whatever, let me know! :)

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2008-08-20 11:26 am UTC (link)
why do i keep thinking peter's hot? orite cuz his name's peter, lol.

well there isn't much for me to get my hands on but the character blurbs helped out a lot! polly/prince, obv, being the shipping whore that i am. I HOPE PETER FINDS LOVE TOO with me. ever think you'll ever get back to this?

(Reply to this)(Thread)

2008-08-20 06:33 pm UTC (link)
haha, that was the general idea! and i always wanted and older brother. and when i have kids, the first boy will be named peter. and he will be the oldest. i'm not sure how, but i'm going to make it happen.

i might! cristal thinks i should work on it, too. see where it goes. i just have such a hard time with plot elements and thinking about where things should go. the thing is, i like the characters. i just don't know what to do with them.

(and yes, i totally ship apollonia/robin. i just don't know if that's too cliché. but i love love stories. :/)

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