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User:phenomenal (37460)
Location:Minnesota, United States

Me; In A Nut Shell
My name's Laura 23 years old and from Minnesota. && with the guy that makes my world go round, C. Robby. W. He has me & most of all my heart, love, & devotion. He's not only my best friend but my soulmate<3 "i'll never let you go, so never let me go" I was born on December 7th making me a Saggitarious. I'm a conversation starter & love drawing, writting poems & short stories. I may appear to be sweat and innocent but don't let the looks fool you, i'm a trouble maker & i know how to have fun.
It's so random!;
I'm an avid gamer. Going to school for CT & CNA (Computer Technician & Certified Nurses Assistant) I hate the winter & summer, i'm a spring and fall kind of girl. I stand by my opinions and views, i wouldn't have them if i didn't. I hate saying sorry after an argument or fight, just makes it pointless. I'm stubborn yet sweet. I make people smile & laugh but i can also make you hate me.
My journal!;
I used to love blogging & writting. Not so much anymore but i still do it on occasions. I'm not here for your 50 million comments, or to be the most popular blogger. I don't care for peoples criticism, i'm an adult, i'm not here to act like a child. Just here to hold onto what could be the most boring or amazing memories of my life. I don't write on paper because often i lose them. I back up my "blogs" on my computer and just post them here to have something fancy to stare at.
I do all my own graphics & coding so don't ask.
Interests:22: books, boyfriend, c++, camping, coding, cuddling, drawing, fishing, friends, graphics, html, icons, javascript, jokes, love, mmorpgs, msn, reading, sex, talking, video games, writting
Account type:Early Free User

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