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User:raistlynn (56509)

I am an Aries Sun and Moon with Virgo rising, a Chinese Water Rat, an INFJ, an Enneagram 4 and pagan.

This profile code was made by [info]inquisitorial@[info]estocada.
Interests:150: air, angeal hewley, anime, aphrodite, apollon, aquarius, archery, ares, aries, artemis, arthur kirkland, astrology, athena, auron, aurora borealis, axis powers hetalia, belenus, books, bridges, cancer the crab, candles, capricorn, celtic reconstruction, ceres, chinese food, chinese zodiac, chivalry, chrono cross, cupid, demeter, denmark, diana, dragonlance, dragons, druids, dungeons and dragons, earth, egyptian mythology, elves, england, eostre, eros, faeries, fan fiction, festivals, final fantasy, fire, forests, freyja, frigga, fruits basket, gemini, germany, gryffindor, hades, harbours, hatake kakashi, heathenry, heimdall, hekate, hel, helios, hellenic paganism, hephaistos, hera, heraldry, herbalism, hermes, hope estheim, horoscopes, idunna, isis, janus, juno, jupiter, kain highwind, kemeticism, khronos, kingdom hearts 2, knights, kore, kwan yin, leo, libra, lord of the rings, ma'at, mars, mercury, mermaids, minato namikaze, minerva, music, mythical detective loki ragnarok, mythology, neptune, njord, noel kreiss, norns, ocean, odin, paganism, persephone, pisces, pluto, polytheism, poseidon, proserpina, psyche, psychology, rasler, reading, religion, renaissance faires, rhea, role playing, roman paganism, runes, sabaku no gaara, sagittarius, sai, saturn, scorpio, seto kaiba, shiranui genma, sif, squall leonhart, sun, sushi, switzerland, tarot, taurus, thor, turtles, tyr, ullr, vash zwingli, venus, vincent valentine, virgo, vulcan, warrior of light, water, wizards, writing, yggdrasil, yu yu hakusho, yuki sohma, zagato, zeus, zodiac.
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Early Free User

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