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Natasha Romanova ([info]redheadspy) wrote,
@ 2010-01-04 16:22:00

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Crack plot idea
Because all plots can't be totally serious...

Pt. 1: The Empress (she's in the wiki) - massively powered feminazi daughter of the champion out to follow her dad's lead in her own way and prove the superiority of her gender...

kidnaps a handful of the girls after observing for a time. She teleports them to her ship sans clothes, and provides them a massive wardrobe of ridiculous themed fighting-girl costumes to choose from.

She empowers those without super strength, and pits them against each other trying to select her champion.

Eventually, she thinks she has her champion and stable of female fighters, and comes back to challenge the strongest men of Earth.
We have some back and forth, sometimes the girls win, sometimes the guys do, but her champion is eventually defeated by one of the guys...she retreats in disgust. end pt. 1.

Pt 2
So she stews for a month, and finally comes up with a /brilliant/ plan, because she's totally ok with cheating and justifying it later.

So she comes back to Earth, totally set on proving how superior women are - and kidnaps a bunch of the guys this time and transforms them into girls, since they won last time.

This time, the girls rescue the guys, and once again, Empress storms off in a huff over being defeated.

Sure, she's powerful enough to take on most of the teams, but that's not the point.

We do have at least two means in continuity for the guys to get back to normal, but neither is fast, so they'd be stuck for a bit.

While some of the girls do their best to never let them live it down.
Especially after some of the guys meanwhile probably gave the girls a hard time after rescuing them in their fetishy outfits and all.

ways to get the guys back
1. Sersi can do it, eventually, but will be gone for a while on other business, and some people may prefer to avoid her method and the teasing that will come with it.
2. On nights of the full moon or similar times of power with an association with shapeshifter magic, it'd be in Lucas' magical sphere to turn people back to their natural form. But they'd have to wait til the full moon.

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