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Natasha Romanova ([info]redheadspy) wrote,
@ 2009-11-03 04:59:00

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Children of Time
Tag Title: Children of Time
Where: Antarctic base
Status: Upcoming
Summary: The (teams) discover a strange energy signal coming from a small area in the Antarctic. The team goes to investigate it and finds a dome. Inside they find a small society and the inhabitants are the team’s descendants.

400 years ago: A jet carrying the (team) crashed in the Antarctic. They were found and rescued by the Eternals. After discovering that they were 400 years in the past, the (team) decided to stay in the Antarctic and stay out of history’s way until a way back to their present could be found. The Eternals housed them in Olympia until a domed structure could be built for them. The dome was created to simulate a tropical climate and could be turned invisible to the outside world. The (team) settled there and built a society.

1. (team) gets a call from the (team) to pick them up in the Savage Land.
2. The (team) goes and picks up the (team) and on the way back they read a strange energy signature near the south pole.
3. The teams goes to investigate. The get near the source but do not see anything, but can still detect the energy signature.
4. A domed structure turns visible and an opening in the dome appears to allow the jet in.
5. The teams enter and land the jet to find a tropical environment with a small village.
6. The teams meet the inhabitants and learn that the inhabitants are their descendants.
7. The descendants explain that after the two teams left, there was an explosion aboard the jet and it ripped a hole in the time-space continuum sending the team 400 years in the past.
8. They learn about two team members that died in the explosion and the fate of the rest.
9. Anya, Emily and Toni discover the reason why the explosion happened on the departure. They can fix it and they go home or let things happen as they did.
10. Presents the issue to the team for discussion.
11. Teams decide what to do.
12. Teams take off and (X) happens.

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