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Rezi Ta ([info]rezista) wrote,
@ 2009-02-08 16:30:00

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Current mood: Suh-weet

~6::"Oni. ♪ Oni. ♫ Giri. ♪ Giri. ♫ Oniiiiiigiri!♪"
Random update:

I am once again addicted to Aishiteruze Baby.  Damn it.  Why aren't you out on disc yet?!  *fries brains by watching on computer*

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2009-02-09 08:43 am UTC (link)
You're missing the Near to your L!

I also claim:
I am Vulpix to your Brock

...I could totally think of more...but late. And tired. And have to work in the morning. Fuu.

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