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eddie jr! ([info]salesman) wrote,
@ 2008-01-05 17:52:00

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NAME Edmund Basil ‘Eddie’ Carmichael Jr.
AGE/BIRTHDATE Seventeen (May 23rd, 1979).
HOUSE/YEAR Ravenclaw / Thirteenth.
SOCIAL STATUS Somewhere between average and upper middle class. Ed Carmichael Sr is the owner of Carmichael Chrysler and Jeep, and business is good enough that he could afford to send Eddie to Hogwarts without the help of his estranged ex-wife and Eddie’s mother, Blair Carmichael.

GSCE COURSES Biology (B), Economics (A*), English (A), English Literature (A*), French (A), Law (B), Maths (A*), Modern History (A), Music (A*), Sociology (A*), Statistics (A).
A-LEVELS Business Management, Business Studies, Economics.
EXTRACURRICULARS Jazz band (trumpet), Mathematical Society, Strategy Society, Law Society.
ATHLETICS Tennis (Michaelmas), Tennis (Lent), Tennis (Summer).

APPEARANCE Eddie Carmichael is a decent looking guy in a pointy sort of way. Standing at 6’ even, he’s not the tallest person in school, but tall enough to put a good amount of height between himself and most of the female population. He isn’t skinny enough to be considered lanky, but he’s definitely got the tall and thin thing going for him. He has a very angular face, complete with a pointy chin and nose. Eddie’s most remarkable feature would have to be his hazel eyes, but even then, they’re not very remarkable as they’re usually hidden behind his glasses. What really stands out about Eddie is his black hair—he keeps the sides short and spikes the top. It’s probably not the best hairstyle, as it makes his ears more noticeable, but Eddie is quite fond of it. Although Eddie likes to pretend he isn’t interested in the latest fashions, a good image is something that’s necessary as a businessman. As it would be unprofessional to wear shabby or mismatched clothes, he always dresses to impress.
PLAYED BY Kristopher Turner.

PERSONALITY Ed Carmichael Sr always said that someone couldn’t just become a salesman—they had to be born. A salesman had to be charming, quick-witted, with a silver tongue. Ed Carmichael Sr might have been just saying that to stroke his own ego (after all, he is the owner of Carmichael Chrysler and Jeep and before that was a sales representative at another dealership), but truer words couldn’t have been spoken about Edmund Carmichael Jr. He has spent his entire life watching his parents coax and wheedle others into purchasing their products and he has long mastered the art of manipulation. He always knows exactly the right things to say and when to say it. He’s learned how to make something appeal to all sorts of people, and the most irritating part of it all is that he won’t take no for an answer. Once Eddie sets his sights on something—or someone, for that matter—he doesn’t give up. He’s pretty persistent, but he almost always gets his sale. Or he gets punched in the face. Either way, he doesn’t give up.

Some of his professors have told him that he’s wasting his intelligence by wanting to become a businessman—someone with his brains would be much better suited in medicine or law. However, Eddie is confident that his brains will help him with the business empire he plans to have in the future. The more he knows about various subjects, the less he has to depend on other people. He can do his own bookkeeping, come up with his own pitches, and maybe even think of some new products himself. Eddie has only missed three homework assignments throughout his academic career, and it’s best for him not to procrastinate because he’s prone to getting extremely stressed out and doing sloppy work. Eddie prefers to do any essays or large projects a couple of days after it’s given out, instead of waiting until a couple of days before it’s due. That way he has plenty of time to work on it. He was taught that doing a sloppy job is worse than not doing the job at all.

Despite his intelligence, Eddie can be a bit too trusting. In fact, he can be almost naïve about it. If one of his friends needs some money, he won’t hesitate to help them out. While he’s not very open about it (it would be bad for his image, you see), he can be a little selfless at times. Unlike his father, who’s pretty selfish when it comes to his money, Eddie has no qualms about donating to various charities or helping out someone else in need. Although he’s lived with his father his entire life, he seems completely unaware of just how greedy other people can be. In other words, he’s just setting himself up to marry some gold digger and get his money taken from him. Then go bankrupt in some MC Hammeresque way.

DEFINING CHARACTERISTICS Eddie is extremely self-confident and ambitious. That much is a given. He basically has his whole life charted out for him, with the exception of marriage. The fact that he has to one day get married terrifies him. Probably because his parents despise each other so much and his father goes through girlfriends like he goes through underwear. Long term relationships + Eddie = does not compute. So although he likes to tell Samantha Capper that they are going to get married, it would take a lot to convince him to actually get involved with someone, let alone get married.

LIKES Selling contraband, stocks and bonds, business suits, making money, building model cars, cars in general, the occasional alcoholic beverage, Ed Carmichael Sr, relaxing to jazz music, strawberry cheesecake, big band & swing music, occasionally donating to charities, Samantha Capper, playing the trumpet, the lovely ladies of Ravenclaw.
DISLIKES Spending time with his mother, professional athletes, people asking him about the Excellent E! costume, being Excellent E!, being rejected, selfishness (with the exception of his father), not getting a sale, getting less than spectacular marks, obnoxiously loud music of any kind, most sports, seafood, being turned down by Samantha Capper.

1. During the summer Eddie does a few commercials for his father’s car dealership. He dresses up as a superhero (Excellent E!) and it’s all sorts of ridiculous. It isn’t much of a secret, as most people can tell it's him when they hear his voice. It also doesn’t help that he keeps the costume with him at school. Still, Eddie does not like talking about it and would prefer to keep his alter ego under wraps.

2. Eddie has always been fascinated by cars. Though it’s probably because he’s been around them his entire life, Eddie loves cars. In his room, the shelves are lined with dozens of model cars that he assembled himself. He’s decided that when he becomes filthy rich from his illustrious business career, he doesn’t want an over sized mansion. He could live in a decent flat and pass on the flashy jewelry, as long as he got the car of his dreams—a black ‘69 Dodge Charger. While most of his models stay at home, the ‘69 Dodge Charger is the only one he brings to school with him.

3. Eddie has always preferred staying with his father over his mother—especially since Blair Carmichael was determined that her child would be a dancer when she was pregnant. Apparently Eddie being a male did not stop this idea, and she made sure that Eddie attended various dance classes for years before Ed Sr found out and put a stop to that ‘nancy nonsense’. He has never told another living soul this, and prefers to let people think he’s just a naturally talented dancer.

4. While Eddie likes to flirt with just about all of Hogwarts’ finest ladies, he’s always been infatuated with Samantha Capper. He’s got some kind of Gatsby complex about it as well. Another plus side to pushing himself out of middle class and into the upper class would be having enough money for her to be interested in him.

FAMILY Edmund Carmichael Sr (father: 45, owner of Carmichael Chrysler and Jeep), Blair Carmichael (mother: 40, telemarketer).
HISTORY The Carmichaels have always been a family who have always been 'hit or miss' with businesses. Eddie's great-grandfather, Jonas Carmichael was a very successful business man. Unfortunately, the gene skipped over Jonas' son, Thaddeus, who wasted no time in spending his father's money on frivolous and unnecessary things. By the time Thaddeus was married and Ed Sr had come along, he had spent most of the family money. Ed Sr was very envious of his cousins - who had plenty of money - and decided at an early age he was going to try to restore the family to their former wealth.

Ed was taken under the wing of the dealership owner, Barry. Ed was taught some pretty ruthless tactics on how to sell a car, and shameless flirting was one of them. In fact, Blair was Eddie's first customer. He managed to get the sale from her, as well as a little something else later on that night. They kept up that little affair for a couple of months - Blair was convinced that she loved Ed, and when she found out she was pregnant, marriage was the first thing that popped into her mind. Ed? Ed wanted to keep being the 'free wild stallion' he so was. However, after some prodding and pushing from Blair, he married her. To this day, they both insist that that was the biggest mistake they've ever made.

The birth of Eddie was the first thing in a series of changes for the Carmichael family. Shortly after he was born, the family moved from Birmingham to Worcester, so Ed could work at Barry's new car dealership there. It was only a year after they had moved that Ed was the top sales rep at Gordon Chrysler and Jeep. Not only that, but Ed was very disinterested with Blair now - he had his sights on the secretaries and every other female that passed by his office. It was only a year after that, when Eddie was two, that Blair decided she had had enough. Instead of asking for a divorce, Blair decided to travel and "find herself", leaving an up and coming businessman with a toddler to take care of by himself.

So Eddie spent most of his childhood in the car dealership with his dad or Ed Sr's flavour of the month would babysit him when he wasn't at school. Ed was incredibly fond of his son - he was a riot at all the employee get togethers and he'd constantly try to hand out pictures of young Eddie to everyone at work. Everyone agreed - Eddie was a great child. He was above most of his class in school, he was cute, he was just a fun kid. And Eddie loved hanging around the car dealership, admiring the many expensive cars that came on the lot. When Eddie was 8, Ed Sr had bought Gordon Chrysler and Jeep from Barry. Now it was Carmichael Chryler and Jeep. It was also around this time that Blair decided to re-enter the picture.

It would've been extremely unreasonable for Blair to ask for custody of Eddie after he'd spent so much time with his father, so Eddie only spent a few weeks with her at a time. She had relocated back to Birmingham, and the first thing Blair did was enroll Eddie in a dance class. It was all part of her plan to undo the damage that Ed had obviously done to her son. Of course, Eddie grew to resent the time he had to spend with his mother and was extremely grateful when his father put a stop to the dance classes and all the other frivolous things she made him do (etiquette class also sticks out in his mind). The one thing Ed and Blair fought most about was what school Eddie was going to attend. As a Hogwarts alum, Ed naturally wanted Eddie to follow in his footsteps. Blair, on the other hand, wanted Eddie to attend the Bournville School and Sixth Form Centre. Ed Sr won that argument.

Although Ed Sr was hoping that Eddie would be sorted into Hufflepuff as well, it wasn't much of a surprise that he was sorted into Ravenclaw. In fact, Hufflepuff was never an option for Eddie--for him, it was either Ravenclaw or Slytherin. Although being in Slytherin would have had it's perks (see: Samantha Capper), Eddie knows that Ravenclaw was the better choice for him. While Ed Sr wants Eddie to follow in his footsteps and run the new dealership, Eddie has always been interested in attending the London School of Economics. If that falls through, he always has backups. But London School of Economic--that's where he wants to be after Hogwarts.

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