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User:sephiroth (6888)
Website:lol gay
AOL IM:AIM status parselmouthed (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:Yahoo status gauntish (Add User, Send Message)

Well, hi, this is the personal journal of Nijhia. If you've come here to look at my username or think you can have it, too bad. Other than that, just add me xD! I have many online alias' and if you think you've found "Kitphiroth", you have!

About Me: There isn't much to say about me, I'm a Cancer, born on June 22nd. I live in Seville, Ohio in the USA and I'm working 2 jobs. I'm very reserved when it comes to giving intimate or more detailed descriptions of myself as most people just don't understand me.

I'm the type of person that you either like or don't like, things like ' she's okay ' usually doesn't work for someone like me. I'm loyal, caring, friendly, humorous, intelligent and compassionate. However, I can also be cold, unconfident, uncaring, kinda of dumb, over sensitive and insecure. Personally, I don't like to be fucked with.

I give everyone a fair shot and offer my trust openly, but only once. I rarely give it again if you've fucked up. Just remember that.

My journal is not always going to be hyper friendly stuff, I get depressed often and get angry even more. It might not get directed anywhere, but if you ever decide you are "sick of reading the same shit", please delete me. I'm not here to let you read about my life, only to have you criticize me for it.

Hobbies: I have some hobbies but most of them are 'inside' hobbies. I do journal roleplay on Insanejournal, Livejournal and possibly here. I've never played in any game that isn't a Harry Potter game, but I'd love to try out FF7. I've played FF7 RP longer than HP, which is about 8 years or so. I've done so on the fabled AOL chats, IMs and Second Life. I also do drawing on deviantart and I do some writing on fanfiction.net.

I also do alot of random things on the net, I tend to spend hours on Youtube and Second Life.

Other: I make icons and I haven't put them up yet as this journal is new! You may check me out at these places:
[info]suicide Character CDJ
[info]triforce Icons

Also, I'm currently looking for someone to join my group of friends as Marvolo Gaunt. I know it sounds weird, we are just looking for someone who'd finish our quartet of Gaunt/Riddles. ;]

[info]iam the Sephiroth [ Final Fantasy VII] of Scribbld
[info]iam the Merope Gaunt [Harry Potter] of Scribbld

Header by severedwingo on photobucket
Memories4 entries
Schools:None listed
People2:ludivine, nude
Account type:Early Adopter

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