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Eunice ([info]seren) wrote,
@ 2008-01-10 22:41:00

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I've been watching the new double series on ITV. It's okay, not too bad. Not great, but amusing. The idea is that there are two programmes. The first is "Moving Wallpaper" and is about a tv company making a soap. Then the second programme, shown straight afterwards, is the soap, "Echo Beach". It's set in a fictional Cornish town on the coast and has all the usual ingredients: teenagers bonking, families feuding, the sea and surfing, etc. A cross between "Home and Away" and "Eastenders", only with a few more smiles. Don't know if I'll stick to it, but it's funny enough for now.

I did think of buying a book while I was in town this morning. But I decided to go with one I've already bought but haven't read yet. So it's "The American Boy" by Andrew Taylor. I'm trying to read 50 books this year, you see and so far I've read one, "The Careful Use of Compliments" by Alexander McCall Smith. That's not counting children's books and annuals, I decided, so I won't count the 1963 "Cherry Ames" annual I got on tuesday. It was great though, two long Cherry Ames stories and some other stories about girl sleuths. I think I'm getting into that genre of girls' books now.

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