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Abbott, Hannah
Applebee, Tamsin
Bobbin, Melinda
Bundy, Karen
Cadwallader, Ceridwen
Carrow, Flora
Clearwater, Penelope
Coote, Ritchie
Diggory, Amos
Frobisher, Vicky
Kirke, Andrew
Macmillan, Tamsin
Prewett, Fabian
Prewett, Mafalda
Restwold, Magda
Rowle, Sophia
Samuels, Jason
Samuels, Larissa
Summers, Alexander
Towler, Kenneth
Vector, Septima
Whitby, Kevin
Whitby, Maya
Weasley, Dominique

GJ: Hannah Abbott, Asylum Arcanum
LJ: Stella Fawcett, Post Tempesta

Absolut Crack
November-December 2010 - a PSL based on the May 02 game. Larissa Samuels, Kevin Whitby, Maya Whitby.

Asylum Arcanum
IJ reboot: January-December 2008. Two years on (timeline-wise) from a GJ game of the same name. War participants had left the Asylum Arcanum rehabilitation facility and begun to move on with their lives, including the brave new world where Muggles and Magic became fully integrated. Hannah Abbott.

Dog Days, The
December 2010 - present. An AU OOTP game where the likes of Lily Potter and other contemporary Order members are still alive. Vicky Frobisher and Mafalda Prewett.

Euterpe's Corner
June 2008 - May 2009. A 2003 game where a block of flats was inhabited by several members of young wizarding society. Melinda Bobbin, Penelope Clearwater, Andrew Kirke, Alexander Summers.

Hogwarts Blogs
June 2006 - June 2007. A DH era game prior to the book's release. Hannah Abbott, Melinda Bobbin, Penelope Clearwater.

Hogwarts Blogs Fast Forward
June-October 2007. A Hogwarts Blogs reboot set two years later. Melinda Bobbin.

Lorem Ipsum
April 2011 - present. An AU MWPP game set in 1967, where the adult characters we know well are closer in age and the prophecy relates to the Weasley family rather than the Potters. Amos Diggory, Fabian Prewett, Sophia Rowle, Septima Vector.

May 02
August-December 2010 - A game set in the months immediately after Voldemort's fall. Tamsin Applebee, Vicky Frobisher, Jason Samuels, Kevin Whitby.

Median, The
March-April 2010 - a next-gen game. Magda Restwold.

July 2007 - January 2008. A game exploring OOTP from the POV of the 6th and 7th years.

Puppet Master, The
January-February 2011. A DH era game where Albus Dumbledore really wasn't dead. Ceridwen Cadwallader, Flora Carrow, Vicky Frobisher, Kenneth Towler.

Whisper Witch
April 2011. A 2027 game using the Gossip Girl format. Tamsin Macmillan, Dominique Weasley.

(all from kevinandamanda.com.)

A Little Pot - Amos Diggory
Courtney Dorkling - Mafalda Prewett
Every Time I Miss You - Flora Carrow, Sophia Rowle
Grant's Ghosts - Ceridwen Cadwallader, Fabian Prewett
I Love Derwin - Andrew Kirke
Monster Paparazzi - Septima Vector
Pea Krystyna - Alexander Summers
Pea Marsha - Ritchie Coote
Smitten Kitten - Tamsin Applebee
Snowshoe - Vicky Frobisher, Magda Restwold
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Time:2012-03-05 02:57 am (UTC)

I came across your OOC journal and we are in the process of revamping a laid back MWPP era RP and are looking for new players. If you are interested, please feel free to email me or AIM me at XtoujourspurX@aol.com

AIM: XToujoursPurX

Hope to hear from you soon! Take Care.
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