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03:45am 26/01/2008

I Love The Dead 2 by ~JesseSchwarzenfornia on deviantART
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03:44pm 11/01/2008
 Dear Hillary Clinton,

I heard on the news that today you are in my home state of California.

To that, I only have one thing to say...


In other words, shut the fuck up, you dumbass whore, and get the fuck out.
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02:47am 11/01/2008
Well, go me, I've successfully pissed my dad right the fuck off.

Gah. What the hell is wrong with me? Why am I such a horrible person?

I'm gonna go emo all over this post. T_T
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11:44pm 08/01/2008

If I hear just one more tool talk to me about how "sweet" and "emotional" Hillary Clinton was on TV, I swear to god, I'm going to strangle them for sheer stupidity. The whole thing was a goddamn set-up, and you'd have to be some kind of retarded not to see that.

And even if it wasn't, do you really want someone in office who's going to break down and cry like a little girl when things get tough? I sure as hell don't. Hillary Clinton can lick my balls.

Okay, now that I got that out of the way... my family's making me pissy again.

There's a lot of tension in our house right now. My dad's in charge of the Registrar of Voters in Riverside, and its an election year. It sucks all to hell because he's so stressed out over it, and he brings it home. It's totally not his fault, but you know... you can totally feel the tension.

So Christina and mom were arguing about some stupid shit and dad got in the middle of it and now everyone's upset. And I ought to just keep my damn mouth shut, because when I went in to try and defuse them, I got drawn into it.

Whatever. Next time, they can work out their own issues on their own, and I'm going to just go back to sleep.

I just feel bad because dad doesn't really need this right now, and well... he told us as much. It was pretty bad. But, what are you going to do?

Like I said, next time, keeping my damn mouth shut.

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Another priceless gem.  
07:50pm 08/01/2008
Written in 2005:

""Worf has been showing up in my dreams much much too much lately. I've been having dreams in which I give him hickeys. On his thigh. The inside. Next to his crotch. Then him going down on Han Solo.

I... I'm too shocked to be disturbed. Of course these dreams also involved Gay Pride Day at Disneyland where me and Sharice were an undercover handicapped gay couple. So maybe that has something to do with it.

I was so disturbed I drew a picture of Worf in Han's outfit. Correlian stripes and everything. Sharice just pointed and laughed. That made me feel better."

I swear to God, if I can find that picture...
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07:41pm 08/01/2008

I'm backdating my entries from GJ because that site is a piece of fucking dogshit when I came upon an entry from 2003. I was reviewing Return of the King. Yeah. I'm posting it here. This sums up pretty much the fact that my frame of mind has never changed, and it never will.


"8 hours of my life I'll never get back...,"It just dawns on me I need to recap the theatre going experience I had today. Yes, instead of sitting home in comfort and bathrooms, I forked money over to the evil Peter Jackson and co. and went to the evil theatres, never mind I already have 43 bootleg copies on my computer.

Anyways, I was going to find that fucking Darth Vader helmet for Stac0rs and dress as Princess Leia for the LOTR experience, never mind that SW is a totally different fandom. Oh schnapps. But half-way through the bun thing I got lazy and turned it into pony-tails, and I never did find that damn helmet.

So anyways, it was me, Stac0rs, Sharice and Tod. Liek wut. Newayz, Stac0rs and I played a shoot teh zombies game and teh bastards cheated and started throwing bombs and killed me which was so not kewl...

We spent the first three hours of the movie waiting for Frodo and Sam to make out or have sex or ANYTHING to make the movie more interesting but NO, they made us wait to the very end, five hours later. And then it was more like a peck then a kiss! What am I paying these people for? What, Elijah Wood got mouth herpes so he can't french? Bullshit.

Eventually, I resorted to throwing things at Eowyn everytime she came on screen. dumb bitch ha ha ha.

Half-way through the movie I was day dreaming about Cloud randomly appearing in the middle of a fight, Omnislashing Mordor, single handedly saving the day, and still having enough time to fuck Legolas raw, when Eowyn pops up again. Dammit, bitch! I thought I'd killed her before with my deadly weapon with the consistency of an M&M, but Nooooooo.... her magical Mary-Sue powers kept her alive to save the day yet again and kill the witch-king and draw all credit away from Merry. Damn. I hate it when that happens.

Hm.... Cloud and Legolas slash, how hawt is that?

At then end of the movie, Sharice and I screamed like a bunch of idiots at the top of our lungs, whilst Tod and Stac0rs pretended not to know us. Ha. I'd just follow them home and peek through their windows while they are sleeping anyway. Aw, sweet revenge.

Speaking of revenge, some stupid old guy sitting behind us, obviously annoyed at our loud obnoxiousness, tried to kill us by shaking around a can of soda. Oh, ouch. Seriously, some people need to learn how to dis obnoxious people. I mean, my God. Shake a can at us? Ohhh, scary, burn.

Doesn't matter. Sharice just went to the bathroom and threw up in the sink. Wow. It's almost as if we really were on crack. Waittaminit, I think we were... Mmmm, complexity... *thinks*

Then we gathered around one of those stupid candy machines. Tod puts in one quarter and that thing just went to town. If it was a boy dog and not a candy machine thing, I wouldn't be wearing short pants around it if you know what I mean. *cough*

Anyways, the best part of the movie is where Cloud comes down in his spaceship, destroys middle earth, takes Legolas for himself, and has sweet bdsm fanfiction written about him for the rest of his life on Pluto's moon. Or was that just an episode of Star Trek? The world, will never EVER know."



I think I've calmed down since then.


Your remark about Freddy in the French Maid outfit reminded me of something.


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06:06pm 08/01/2008
Hey, another GJ refugee here. ^^
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