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if only I could promise.


[Elika] She brings the day.


May 2nd, 2009

I'm the most honest kid in Japan! :D

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[Death Note] It was murder.
Warner Bros. has officially picked up Death Note. ZEFRON GET ON THIS SO YOU CAN BE A SRS ACTOR. If they honestly treated this like the supernatural-psychological drama/thriller it is, I think it could be decent.

Damn, I can't believe Death Note ended almost two years ago. :/

Almost summer!

March 8th, 2009


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[FHFIF] Chocolate milk.
Watched the first episode of Rebuild of Evangelion. I forgot how unassuming it starts out! "ololol just a story about a boy and his mecha-mom and the fate of the world~" :| I also love how Anno was all "we used Judeo-Christian imagery 'CAUSE IT LOOKS SWEEEEEEET!" When I go back and revisit old books, TV shows and movies, I'm always impressed by how much foreshadowing gets packed in and goes unnoticed the first time through...

Goddamn I wish Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was out already. I need to see Watchmen over break, both because it looks delicious and we're reading it in my Lit class later.

Midterms start tomorrow. :/

January 4th, 2009

Can you see how fast I ran?

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[Legal Drug] ///
Ai no Kusabi is being remade this year. The novel's older than I am, and seeing this still makes me feel old. D: It's being done by the same company that did the two episode version, but they're expanding it to thirteen episodes, and the new character designs look great. Something to look forward to for next fall.

My Literary Study teacher sent the list of books she wants us to buy for next semester, and along with the usual stuff like Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson, Watchmen was on it. Hopefully, this means that I can see the movie without feeling like an uneducated loser. FIELD TRIP TO THE MOVIES IN MARCH? PLEASE?

March 18th, 2008


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[Elika] She brings the day.
THE DENTMOBILE WAS NEAR. D: But I was so busy last weekend, there was no way I would have be able to make it into the city.

Ugh, I've become so lazy, I procrastinate at any opportunity. Like now. I have to do laundry, homework and practice piano, but I'd rather waste time until American Idol.

I've been watching Mirage of Blaze and I Wanna Be an Angel!, both were series I tried to find a few years ago, but either never had enough money (Mirage), or in Angel's case, the whole series was never released on DVD. Made me realize that I really don't watch that much anime anymore. :/

I also adore this t-shirt, the whole thing is just wonderful.
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