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User:spellman (14545)
Name:Spellman Graphics
Website:Personal Journal
Location:United States


This is a graphics journal,with mostly icons
and occasionally requestable banners, nothing too fancy.
Looking for affiliates. Everything is logged in the memories,
which is linked to on the friends only post.


-Comment to be added.
-All requestables are always open.
-One request per person.
-Please only request what you are going to use.
-Pick up within 7 days.
-Add me first
-It's not mandatory but I'd love it if you linked to me on your page

--Break any rules and you'll get a strike, 3 strikes and you're out!--


-No one


-Loved get unlimited requests on requestables.
-Immunity from strikes (to a point, not to be abused).
-Ability to message me with suggestions for icons.
-Special Requestables!




*Link Back*

Memories39 entries
Interests:4: banners, graphics, icons, requestables
Schools:None listed
People3:glamorousqueen, rasslinbabe, starr
Friend of:3: glamorousqueen, rasslinbabe, starr
Member of:1: 100x100
Account type:Early Free User

(more details...)

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