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スタースクリーム ([info]starscream) wrote,
@ 2009-01-24 19:27:00

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Current mood: heehee
Current music:The Amazing Colossal Man - MST3K

I've been marathoning the shit out of MST3K. The earlier seasons, that is. I got into the show in 1996 and was a huge fan, watching most of the episodes of seasons 8 to 10 with Mike. I never cared for watch the Joel era eps but I've become so attached to that moe sleepy eyed man, I just had to start from the beginning. The KTMA episodes are hard to watch and unbearable at times, so I've decided to just forget them for now. For the most part, some episodes were lost and I watched Gamera. Oh woooow that was--yeah.

But right now I'm at the beginning of season 3. Specifically, 3x09 The Amazing Colossal Man. I've been cataloguing my romp in the ye olde episodes on LJ @ crispdeathstare. My waifu and I have become quite addicted, even more so than in the past. HUZZAH! It's fun watching the evolution the show goes through and actually, it's also a bit sad, because you know eventually most everyone in the cast leaves in the later seasons. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Mike is hilarious and so are all the newbies. I much prefer Dr. F and Frank over Pearl and her gang, but I like them too. Just... still, sad. :/ I wish the fanclub was still open. I wrote a letter to send when it was but never did. ._. IT HAD MY MARY SUES!!!


I had some problem with egg/hatchling sickness, but it went away. I've been freezing hatchlings of standards I have now. I want more rares. ;m; Well anyway, here they are.

Adopt one today! <-- I had no idea this was an alt as an egg. 9u9 Awesome.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

And this little punk:


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