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a mite whimsical in the brainpan ([info]tigerkat24) wrote,
@ 2008-03-10 12:10:00

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Entry tags:avatar, crossovers, discworld, doctor who, dresden files, fanfiction, harry potter, harry/murphy, hot fuzz, ian/barbara, kyrie elesion, meme sheep says 'baa', mulder/scully, nightside, original writing, writing, x-files

Snagged from awanderingbard
When you see this, post a little weensy excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will burst forth and do something, um, inspiration-y.

Here's...um...a lot of stories. A lot a lot. Guess the fandom. Also, let me know if any of these intrigue. Some of them are perilously close to being abandoned.

1) He will not allow himself to imagine, even for the smallest heartbeat, what it would be like to touch her or kiss her; but his mind is unruly, and sometimes he wakes up with sweat on his sheets.

2) Viola never realized quite how hard it was to be without her brother; and yet there were times it was easier than she’d ever dreamed.

3) The lock clicked and whirred. Barbara got to her feet, hoping desperately that she’d been wrong and it was all some sort of practical joke, and they’d let her out now. She could go and find the Doctor and the others, and they’d all have a good laugh over how silly she’d been…
Or not. The door opened, letting in a bellow of laughter and song and a half-dressed Ian Chesterton, then shut.
Barbara sighed, and sat down on the bed again. Oh, this would not end well.

4) The man in question was slamming his head repeatedly against his desk with metronome regularity. The impact was somewhat lessoned by the snowdrifts of paperwork covering the surface, but the intent was there.
“Sir?” Captain Carrot asked, sounding rather alarmed.
His Grace His Excellency Commander Sir Samuel Vimes, Duke of Ankh-Morpork, raised his head from the small hollow it had made in someone’s report and gave Carrot a special look. “So let me get this straight. Someone’s shoved Lance-Constable Thundergust off the Brass Bridge, no one’s even bothered to go fish him out, someone else has left that suspicious note out in the rain so it can’t be used as evidence anymore, and Nobby’s pinched the wages chitty again?”

5) Camera on Sozin as he outlines his plot for taking over the entire nation to someone off screen. He mentions the death of the Avatar and the danger of the Air Kingdoms, says something about “the task you were born for.” He may mention that it was emotions that brought down the Avatar and nearly brought him down. Long, wonderful, impassioned, menacing monologue, beautifully performed. He turns around, says, “And you will help me defeat them.”
Cut to a Dalek. “AFFIRMATIVE.”

6) Okay, so to review; my magic was on the fritz and to top it off, none of my tools seemed to work either. So what does that mean for...
“Shit, Bob!” I exclaimed, ripping the small pack off my back and yanking Bob’s skull out of it. The familiar glow in the eyes wasn’t there.
I wasn’t paying too much attention at the moment, but I can’t begin to fathom what Lupin must’ve thought at this point.

7) Grace honestly couldn’t help herself.
”Zombies?” she asked, when the young man’s door swung open.
He winced, and swung the door open more. “Sorry, Mrs. Thornton. I tried. Would you like to come in?”

8) “So are you,” Murph replied, easily. “What is this, high school reunion?”
“Something like that,” chirped the brunette. “Lia was helping me move, and liked it so much she decided to see if she can get Toby to move here again! And you know what that means...all-night Disney marathons and drink-and-bitch fests! I miss drink-and-bitch fests.”
“Some of us have jobs, Sam,” Murph said, but she was smiling brightly. “I forgot how much I missed you two.”
“And we you,” the tall woman said. “It’s been much too long.”
“Ridiculously,” said the brunette. “We really need to get together and celebrate...why, hello there, gorgeous. Going my way?”
It took me a heartbeat and the expression on Murph’s face to realize she was talking to me.
“Uh,” I said, cleverly.
Murphy laughed, throwing her head back in a way I hadn’t seen in far too long. “Sorry, Sam, he’s gay.”
“I am not!” I sputtered. “Dammit, Murph, can’t you guys ever let that go?”

9) The Doctor was glaring, Susan was giggling, Barbara was smiling innocently and Ian was doing his level best to look properly contrite.
Judging from the way the Doctor’s glare intensified, it wasn’t working. Pity.

10) and I sneak up behind him. The little blonde is too busy gazing adoringly up into his eyes to notice me, and Malcolm of course has his back to me, so neither one of them even knows I’m there until I put my hands over his eyes and say, flirtatiously, “Surprise, darling!”
That’s right, tiny blonde tramp. I’m tall enough to do that.

11) Murphy damn near hung up on me.
“No, I’m not kidding, I’m not!” I glanced out the open door; yep, the thing was still there, still rampaging around inside the circle I’d set, fuzzily visible from this side and hopefully invisible from the road.

12) “Miss Murphy,” he thundered imposingly, as the woman reached the steps onto the stage. He knew how it would go from here. She would start back, intimidated, and he would have the high ground.
Instead, she snapped, ”Sergeant Murphy,” and stalked up the stairs and across the stage. “What do you want?”
Taken aback, LaFortier could only manage, “You will address me with respect!”
“When you address me with the same respect,” she retorted. “I owe you nothing you don’t give me. Who the hell are you, anyway?”

13) She racked the shotgun and fired twice, precise shots that nevertheless obliterated the thing’s head.
I stared up at her, panting, then looked down at what was left of the body. Wow. “Uh, thanks?”
“Now we’re even,” she informed me, smugly. Then she turned on her heel and walked off.
It took me a couple minutes before I could do anything more than blink.

14) It was soft at first, calm and relaxing, the kind of kiss you give a lover on the edge of sleep. And that was all he meant it to be, really. A relaxing kiss, a reassurance that she’s more than enough of a woman for him, even if she never wanted to take advantage of that fact.

15) “The truth is in there!” Fox Mulder said dramatically, and pointed.
Dana Scully followed his arm, and sighed. “Mulder, that’s a pub.”

16) There was a pause, wherein we lurked manfully and waited for Rose to finish saying something to Murphy. She paused in her sentence, and they both looked over at us, then giggled. The Doctor and I winced in concert.
“Bit unsettling, that,” he murmured.
I agreed. Quite apart from the sheer wrongness of Murphy—I mean, Murphy—giggling, no man should ever have to be giggled at by a pair of girls. It’s in the Geneva Convention.

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2008-03-11 12:56 am UTC (link)
@4: *giggle*


@11: ...okay, I'm curious now.

@12: Woohoo! :D

@15: See 4.

@16: See 15.

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