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a mite whimsical in the brainpan ([info]tigerkat24) wrote,
@ 2008-10-22 15:18:00

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call for aid!
I'm trying to cast a male character for my NaNo, because I think better in pictures. He's got brown hair and brown eyes, moderately built but edging towards thin, an English teacher and father of two, dresses like it. I'm looking for a sort of scruffy look, a lot of smiles, towards the older side of thirty, and he has to look good next to Carla Gugino. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!

ETA: I also need a female name that makes you kind of think she's a bitch right off the bat. Preferably not Anabelle or anything beginning with L, E, C, or I.

ETA2: Nathaniel Parker is and will always be Malcolm Dresden in my head, but you know who else could play him, theoretically? GREGORY PECK. Trufax.

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2008-10-23 01:06 am UTC (link)

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2008-10-23 10:29 pm UTC (link)
Kt here--I can't for the life of me be a frikken lj user in replies, Scribbld probably doesn't like me or something...
I don't quite get what you want for the male character, but here are some names that I've come up with (mostly on my own):
Keri (That's Keri with an 'I'. God, get it right people!) Marie, Jennifer, Megan,

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2008-10-23 10:45 pm UTC (link)
Fiona? Candy? Tracie?

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