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a mite whimsical in the brainpan ([info]tigerkat24) wrote,
@ 2008-12-25 02:54:00

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Entry tags:cordelia/aral, jane austen, pimpage, squee!, vorkosigan saga

Pff, yeah, like I could really sleep with Yuletide opening today.

OMG OMG OMG OMG YOU GUUUUUUUUUYS I GOT ARAL/CORDELIA! I GOT THREE ARAL/CORDELIA FICS! And and and and and I GOT SOPHY/ADMIRAL CROFT! Authors, if you are reading this, let me just reiterate how much I love you for writing me fluff for my favorite couples. Because I do. A lot. As if my comments of flail didn't express that enough.

OMG OMG OMG all the fics written for me were awesome and they were fluffy and they warmed the cockles of my withered black heart. I AM SO HAPPY YOU GUYS OMG. OMG. THIS DESERVES THE I LOVE THE WHOLE WORLD ICON BECAUSE I DO. OMG. THREE ARAL/CORDELIA FICS AND ADMIRAL AND SOPHY CROFT NOT WRITTEN BY ME. OMG.

Best. Ficpresent. EVAR.

With the possible exception of The Other Son, because that was just made of complete and total win.


*goes to reread and flail some more*

ETA: Links to the Fics of Awesome!

Firelight (hardcore fluff and some awesome banter: "Foul! No thinking about work!")
Alone Time (this one features Exasperating!Miles and the best quote ever)
Blundering Tactically (missing scene from ACC, features Silly!Miles and again, awesome banter)
A Letter Full of News (Admiral and Sophy Croft: nails our dear Miss Austen's voice and manages to be shippy for everyone at the same time)

Authors, ILU. Seriously. You may have my firstborn. I wil strive to have quadruplets, just for you.


ETA Part Deux: Okay, so, yeah, my authors probably think I'm crazy, because I left incoherent fangirl reviews about how awesome they are and how awesome their stories are. So. Um. I LOVE YOU ALL. And I'm really not crazy. Just high off the awesomeness and the being up too late. Because you guys are so awesome it makes me giddy.


Yeah, see, guys, this is why I don't drink.

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2009-01-02 02:46 am UTC (link)
Done! I got your email address wrong before, but it should be fixed now. :D

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