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a mite whimsical in the brainpan ([info]tigerkat24) wrote,
@ 2009-05-09 21:58:00

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Entry tags:fanmix, vorkosigan saga

Fanmix: Remember the Name
Medium: Books
Fandom: Lois McMaster Bujold’s Miles Vorkosigan series
Subject: Miles Vorkosigan
Title: Remember the Name
Warnings: Spoilers abound.
Notes: So I usually include bonus songs on my fanmixes. In this case, however, I couldn't choose. So on this one, you get three. Also, this is far from chronological and the quotes aren't all from Miles; I put it together in a way that made sense at the time. Much like Miles. Enjoy!

Download everything here.

1) Childhood: Bigger Than My Body, John Mayer
Someday I'll fly
Someday I'll soar
Someday I'll be so damn much more
Cause I'm bigger than my body gives me credit for
Cause I'm bigger than my body now

" I am who I choose to be. I always have been what I chose…though not always what I pleased." --Memory

2) Adulthood: Remember the Name, Fort Minor
This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill
Fifteen percent concentrated power of will
Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain
And a hundred percent reason to remember the name!

"I don't confuse greatness with perfection. To be great anyhow is…the higher achievement." --Mirror Dance

3) So Golden a Sacrifice: Stand Out, Tevin Campbell
To stand out
above the crowd
Even if I gotta shout out loud
'Til mine is the only face you see
Gonna stand out
'til you notice me

"It's important that someone celebrate our existence... People are the only mirror we have to see ourselves in. The domain of all meaning. All virtue, all evil, are contained only in people. There is none in the universe at large." --Mirror Dance

4) Heroic BSOD: Superman, Five For Fighting
I'm only a man in a silly red sheet
Digging for kryptonite on this one way street
Only a man in a funny red sheet
Looking for special things inside of me

"How could you be a Great Man if history brought you no Great Events, or brought you to them at the wrong time, too young, too old?" --Memory

5) Fast-Talking Little Git: Razzle Dazzle, Richard Gere
What if your hinges all are rusting?
What if, in fact, you're just disgusting?
Razzle dazzle 'em
And they'll never catch wise!

"Never... ever suggest they don't have to pay you. What they pay for, they'll value. What they get for free, they'll take for granted, and then demand as a right. Hold them up for all the market will bear." --A Civil Campaign

6) Tactical Retreats: I Won't Back Down, Tom Petty
Well, I won't back down, no, I won't back down
You can stand me up at the gates of hell
But I won't back down

"A tactical retreat is not a bad response to a surprise assault, you know. First you survive. Then you choose your own ground. Then you counterattack." --A Civil Campaign

7) The Dendarii Mercenaries: Seize the Day, Newsies
Friends of the friendless, seize the day
Raise up the torch and light the way
Proud and defiant
We'll slay the giant
Let us seize the day

"An honor is not diminished for being shared." --Shards of Honor

8) Hyperactive Little Git: Stress, Jim's Big Ego
I'm addicted to stress
It's the way that I get things done
If I'm not under pressure then I sleep too long
And I hang around like a bum
And I think I'm goin' nowhere and that makes me nervous
Everybody's out to get me but I feel all right...

"If power was an illusion, wasn't weakness necessarily one also?" --A Civil Campaign

9) We're Just Perfectly Screwed: Totally F*****, Spring Awakening
Yeah, you’re fucked all right – and all for spite
You can kiss your sorry ass goodbye
Totally fucked – will they mess you up?
Well you know they’re gonna try

"If you’re trying to take a roomful of people by surprise it’s a lot easier to hit your targets if you don’t yell going through the door." --The Warrior's Apprentice

10) Memory: I Will Go Sailing No More, Randy Newman
Out among the stars I sail
Way beyond the moon
In my silver ship I sail
A dream that ended too soon
Now I know exactly who I am
And what I'm here for
And I will go sailing no more

“You kill me so courteously." --Memory

11) Elena: Running Gag, Paul Fidalgo
I guess that what I'm saying is I'm a punchline
A solid bit
An easy laugh
I can be your running gag

"If you want to catch something, running after it isn't always the best way." --Borders of Infinity

12) Ekaterin: The Curse of Curves, Cute Is What We Aim For
I've got the gift of one liners
And you've got the curse of curves
And with this gift I compose words
And the question that comes forward
Are you perspiring from the irony
Or sweating to these lyrics
And this just in
You're a dead fit
But my wit won't allow it

"Honesty is the only way with anyone, when you'll be so close as to be living inside each other's skins." --A Civil Campaign

13) The Future: Such Great Heights, Postal Service
They will see us waving from such great
Heights, 'come down now,' they'll say
But everything looks perfect from far away,
'come down now,' but we'll stay...

"What you are is a question only you can answer." --The Warrior's Apprentice

Bonus--The USS Make Sh*t Up, Voltaire
And I say,
Bounce a graviton particle beam off the main deflector dish
Thats the way we do things, lad, we're making shit up as we wish
The Klingons and the Romulans pose no threat to us
'Cause if we find we're in a bind we just make some shit up

Bonus: Ekaterin--Rapunzel, Emilie Autumn
If you sing loud and clear
Someone passing by will surely hear you
No, you can't be afraid
If you ever want somebody near you
If you sing loud and clear
Someone passing by will surely hear you
No, you can't be afraid

Bonus: Mark--Wake the Sun, The Matches
Every dawn gets its day like
Every gal gets her way like
Every step that I lay down brings me where I'm from
To lay down, lay down, to lay my cross

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2009-05-11 02:16 pm UTC (link)
jlerjoerhtohqwhhal *flails*

You made an equally awesome Aral/Cordelia mix once upon a time, did you not? I still listen to it.

Bigger Than My Body, Remember the Name, RAZZLE DAZZLE!!! SEIZE THE DAY!!! These are so perfect that my mom wondered what was wrong with me! And you are so brave and wonderful for putting songs from Newsies and A Goofy Movie!!

[calm down, self, don't scare the nice fanmix person]

I go download RIGHT NOW!!

(Reply to this)(Thread)

Re: pegasus2o5
2009-05-11 08:21 pm UTC (link)
*giggles ridiculously* I'm glad you liked it so much! I had so so much fun putting this together, and I figured Miles is a ridiculous person, so I'm allowed to put ridiculous songs on his fanmix, hence, Goofy Movie. Also, Newsies is made of awesome and love. *nods firmly* And Razzle Dazzle has always seemed so... so Miles to me. I don't know. It made sense.

Anyway, I'm so glad you like it so much! This was the perfect first comment to get. :D :D :D I tend to gush like this myself, so there is absolutely no fear involved, just squee. I hope you enjoy the music!

(and I actually made two Aral/Cordelia mixes, because I ship it like burning. Yes.)

(Reply to this)(Parent)

2009-05-11 07:11 pm UTC (link)
OH MY GOD I wish you could've seen my expression when I found this on fanmix. I was literally made of squee. ♥ Judging by the lyrics all the songs fit perfectly, and I will be downloading and listening with glee! Thank you for this, bb.

(Reply to this)(Thread)

2009-05-11 08:22 pm UTC (link)
Yay! I'm making people happy today! Miles is one of my favoritest characters ever so I figured he deserved a mix. That is not entirely serious. Miles is not entirely serious so why should his mix be?

I'm glad you were so happy to see it, and I hope the mix makes you just as happy! You're so welcome.

(Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

2009-05-13 01:11 am UTC (link)
Came back after listening to the mix, and dude. Totally radical, and very... Milesian. ♥ I love all the characters in the 'verse so much - did you ever get a chance to read Winterfair Gifts?

Rock on with your bad self, bb. If I had a scribble-journal-thing I would be friending you!

(Reply to this)(Parent)

2009-05-13 02:41 am UTC (link)
I love Miles, and I have most of this! (Stop! Wait! You're eating bug vomit!) Sad. But! Do you have Rapunzel available as a single?

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