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anthony told you so. ([info]toldstein) wrote,
@ 2008-02-22 13:36:00

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22 June.
I still can't believe that no one died during Macbeth. Despite my obsessive checking of the lights, I still can't believe it. Not that I wanted anyone to die. It's just that that tenth year on the spotlight had very shaky hands.

Anyway. I have successfully managed to not once crack open a book in order to study for exams. Take that, formalised education.

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2008-02-23 02:53 am UTC (link)
I don't know. I hope it's not too exciting. I would really rather just finish the term calmly and then go home.

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2008-02-23 02:56 am UTC (link)
I have to go study.

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2008-02-23 02:59 am UTC (link)
Okay. Cool. Good luck?

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2008-02-23 02:59 am UTC (link)
Can I apologise for the idiot? Because hey, he really can't help being as thickheaded as he is.

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2008-02-23 03:01 am UTC (link)
How utterly kind, but there is no need to apologise, love!

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