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May 12th, 2010

02:46 pm - Voice Recordings

Voice recordings by Tony Baldwin:

Notes: These recordings were made in my office, not a professional studio, using a cheap microphone plugged into my soundcard.
All software used to make these recordings was Free Open Source Software.
I used Audacity to record and export files to .wav and .ogg, and ffmpeg to create mp3 files.

The computer used runs Debian Gnu/Linux (stable/lenny).

To hear music I've recorded in similar fashion (I play guitar and sing): click here.

English Literature:


  1. Prologue to the Canterbury Tales (in Middle English): mp3 / ogg

Edgar Allen Poe

  1. The Telltale Heart: mp3 / ogg

Spanish Literature / Literatura en Español

Pablo Neruda

  1. Cuerpo de Mujer: mp3 / ogg

French Literature / Literature en Français

Charles Beaudelaire:

  1. L'Homme et la Mer: mp3 / ogg

Brazilian and Portuguese Literature / Literatura Brasileira e Portuguesa


  1. Soneta de Fidelidade por Vinícius Moraes: mp3 / ogg

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