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User:tonybaldwin (36296)
Location:New Haven, Connecticut, United States
Bio:Translator by day, free software hacker by night, and occasional artist, photographer, and musician.

I speak, read, & write English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.
I hack tcl/tk, python, bash, a little perl.

I'm the creator of Xpostulate, a crossposting blogging and microblogging client, which posts to livejournal, deadjournal, insanejournal, dreamwidth, wordpress, twitter, and identi.ca, and, probably by the time you read this, scribbld.net, too.
Interests:37: aggressive skates, anne rice, argentina, art, bachatas, bicycling, brasil, cabezones, catupecu machu, chile, español, fantasy, français, french, gnu, guitar, hacking, la ley, linux, lotr, mana, mexico, painting, perl, photography, portuguese, português, python, rock en español, sci-fi, skating, spanish, star wars, tcl, tolkein, translation, vampires
Schools:None listed
People7:catness, inner_angel, jimmy, morgan, news, opeth, system
Mutual Friends:1: catness
Also Friend of:1: eurypon
Account type:Early Free User

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