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April 11th, 2011

04:08 pm - Real Men DON'T buy girls!
Tony Baldwin is a Real Man! Real Men DON'T Buy Girls!
Demi Moore says,"Tony Baldwin is a REAL MAN!
click here to see the video!

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May 31st, 2010

11:09 am - Supercomputers by operating system: Linux rules the roost!
From the BBC: In Graphics: Supercomputing superpowers.
supercomputers by OS, LINUX RULES!

Supercomputer graph, by operating system: Linux RULES THE ROOST!

a surprise? I think not....
The data used to generate the interactive treemap visualisation come from a draft of the June 2010 TOP500 Supercomputing list. This ranks most of the world's fastest supercomputers twice a year. There may be minor differences between this list and the final published list.

The graphic allows you to see the visualise the list by the speed of each machine; the operating systems used; what it is used for; the country where it is based; the maker of the silicon chips used to build the machine and the manufacturer of the super computer.

The maps were produced using the Prefuse Flare software, developed by the University of California Berkeley.

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May 21st, 2010

11:38 pm - iDenTickle updated, again!
I did it again.
I added more stuff to iDenTickle, again.

This time, I added the option of updating your gNewBook microblog.

I also added a handy little "clear" button.

Also, the setup and about "windows" are now just frames that appear in the main interface, rather than distinct windows.

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09:42 am - iDenTickle v1.1 released
Well...I just couldn't leave well enough alone.
Yesterday I released version 1.0 of IdenTickle, my tcl/tk denter/tweeter tool...but I just kept thinking, it could be better.
The interface could be cleaner, with the setup stuff separate.
And, perhaps an about button, as is common, to bring up a little dialog with a bit of info, and direct the user to the homepage.
Plus buttons to open your browser to your or twitter feed...stuff like that.

So, today you have IdenTickle version 1.1.

The main interface.

and, when you open the setup tab/frame to enter your setup information.
As you'll recall, v 1.0 was already saving your login data (previous version required entry of said data, every time...annoying).

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May 16th, 2010

11:54 pm - fun with animated gifs
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May 12th, 2010

02:46 pm - Voice Recordings

Voice recordings by Tony Baldwin:

Notes: These recordings were made in my office, not a professional studio, using a cheap microphone plugged into my soundcard.
All software used to make these recordings was Free Open Source Software.
I used Audacity to record and export files to .wav and .ogg, and ffmpeg to create mp3 files.

The computer used runs Debian Gnu/Linux (stable/lenny).

To hear music I've recorded in similar fashion (I play guitar and sing): click here.

English Literature:


  1. Prologue to the Canterbury Tales (in Middle English): mp3 / ogg

Edgar Allen Poe

  1. The Telltale Heart: mp3 / ogg

Spanish Literature / Literatura en Español

Pablo Neruda

  1. Cuerpo de Mujer: mp3 / ogg

French Literature / Literature en Français

Charles Beaudelaire:

  1. L'Homme et la Mer: mp3 / ogg

Brazilian and Portuguese Literature / Literatura Brasileira e Portuguesa


  1. Soneta de Fidelidade por Vinícius Moraes: mp3 / ogg

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May 8th, 2010

02:19 pm - screenshot
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May 6th, 2010

10:31 pm - screenshots

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May 5th, 2010

02:14 pm - iViva México!
Por el Cinco de Mayo, les presento algunas de mis canciones favoritas de México:
(for Cinco de Mayo (May 5) I present for you some of my favorite songs from Mexico).

¡Viva México! ¡Viva la Virgen de Guadalupe!

First, Maná:

Download MP3 songs from Maná

Now, Los Jaguares:

MP3s from Jaguares

Julieta Venegas:

More songs from Julieta Venegas

Now, Cafe Tacuba:

Songs from Cafe Tacuba

And last, but not least, Delasonica:

MP3s from Delasonica
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07:47 am - Tux Trans: gnu/linux for translators
This morning I awoke to find announcement in my inbox of the release of Tux Trans, a gnu/linux distribution, based on Ubuntu Linux.

Tuxtrans includes all of the software any professional needs for their usual office and communications needs, including web browsers, e-mail clients, VoIP and chat, the fully featured </a>OpenOffice office suite (word processing, spreadsheets, etc.), tools for multimedia, pdf file manipulation, creation, and other desktop publication tools, plus additional programs specifically useful to translators, including CAT (Computer Aided Translation) software, text aligment tools, software localization, tools, even video subtitling tools, such as:

With these tools, any professional translator is fully equipped to conquer the industry. Seriously.
The underlying system, Ubuntu gnu/Linux, of course, is a solid, fully featured, and very popular gnu/linux distrubtion (I have Ubuntu on my laptop and my netbook, but Debian on my desktops).
Tuxtrans can be tried without affecting your current system, being a LiveCD distrubtion (it can run from a CDRom, without being installed to or effecting your hard drive, while, installation is, of course, an option once you've tried it).

Kudos to Peter Sandrini for putting this all together!
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April 30th, 2010

02:00 pm - tony baldwin | genius

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08:27 am - ¿Bienvenido a Puerto Rico?

Congress takes up matter of Puerto Rico statehood: Yesterday the Senate approached the question of Puerto Rico's 112 year relationship with the United States, debating whether a path should be opened for Puerto Rican statehood, or independence for the long-time protectorate.

In 1898, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico was invaded by U.S. military forces, and entered the 20th Century under U.S. military rule. The Foraker act of 1900 gave Puerto Rico a modicum of self-governing rights, and in 1947 they were granted the right to elect their own governor. Shortly thereafter, they drafted their own Constitution, as well. Currently, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is a self-governing, unincorporated territory of the United States, meaning that the Island is under U.S. "protection", but self-governing.

Since 1917, all Puerto Ricans born on the island are granted all the rights and privileges of U.S. Citizenship, and, IF they enter mainland America, can vote in our elections. However, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, while subject to U.S. law, does NOT currently have a voice in U.S. politics or government, as do our 50 States. As such, while on Puerto Rican territory, Puerto Ricans have no voice in American legislation, while they are subject thereto. They pay U.S. Federal income tax, too. Yes. That means "taxation without representation", which was one of the main reasons the United States declared independence from England 234 years ago.

The question of Puerto Rico's relationship with the U.S., no surprise, has long been a matter of debate, both with in the U.S., and on the island of Borinquen. Should Puerto Rico become a U.S. State, and, thus, have full voting privileges and a voice in the government that imposes law upon its citizens, and continue to enjoy U.S. citizenship with all the advantages that entails? Or, should Puerto Rico cut it's bonds to the United States, and become an independent nation?

Opinions on the question are probably nowhere so divided as they are in Puerto Rico, itself, of course, where many, many families have members on the mainland, and enjoy open travel between the island and the remainder of the U.S. for a myriad of reasons, many of which provide great economic advantages to Puerto Rico, while others feel that Boricua is stifled or oppressed by colonial rule int he current situation.

For my part, I have family from Puerto Rico, and, I hope that both the U.S. government and the Pueblo Boricua (Puerto Rican People) can reach an agreement to bring Puerto Rico fully into the fold, with a full voice and participation in the United States.

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April 26th, 2010

12:39 pm - Window managers...again
So, after using wmii (window manager improved) as my default window manager for several months, I find myself using OpenBox, again.

openbox, xpostulate

Of course, I use openbox without any desktop icon managers, panels, or other trappings, solely as a window manager, and not as a desktop environment (as is done with, for instance LXDE, a "lightweight" desktop environment which uses openbox as it's window manager). I do keep a small conky script running to display a clock and a few relevant system statistics (cpu/mem usage, running procs, network traffice, clock), but that's it.

I was having issues with my CPU usage getting ramped up beyond believe, and, when taking a look at running process, it looked as though, for every wmii tab, another instance of wmii was running. Of course, I don't blame wmii entirely for running up my CPU, since I was also running some rather heavy applications, such as OmegaT (translating for very large documents, while using directories chock full of large translation memories, glossaries, and dictionary files, etc.), and, Google Chrome (which, despite being a very nifty, and blazing fast browser, is rather memory heavy). But, I saw that there were numerous instance of wmii running, and killed them, and logged into openbox again.
Gosh...openbox is just so light and fast...seriously.
Now, I really, really dig the tiling feature of wmii and similar window managers, but, that can be achieved in openbox, using a nifty little program called (who'd have thunk it) "tile".

openbox, roxterm, mocp

So, I find myself once more happily using openbox, which I've come back to time and again. I really like the ease of configuration, involving only editing a simple xml file.
editing openbox rc.xml in tcltext
It is quick and snappy, allows (via editing said rc.xml file) me to program in all of my own preferred keyboard shortcuts for my most used actions and programs, etc., and, I'll even admit, it's nice to have the program menu (rt-click on desktop) at my disposal. wmii offers not such menus. I right-clicked on my desktop once I logged into openbox, and found programs in the debian menu that I'd entirely forgotten I even had on my machine! That was a pleasant surprise.

So, while I still have many positive things to say about wmii, today I give two thumbs up to OpenBox.

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April 17th, 2010

09:59 pm - Save the Internet
The fight for Net Neutrality has reached a crucial moment.
The FCC Chairman just called for new Net Neutrality rules, and he is being supported by President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, and numerous congressional leaders.
Now we need a powerful, public show of support.
More than 1.6 million people have already called for Congress and the FCC to support Net Neutrality.
If we can reach 2 million, we'll send a resounding message that Washington won't be able to ignore.
Please join the campaign to save the Internet now:
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April 16th, 2010

09:47 pm - Scribbld servers are fickle, Tumblr feature added to Xpostulate
I'm having difficulty posting to Scribbld with Xpostulate, for some reason, either via flatposting or xmlrpc.
I'm inclined to believe that the fault is at the remote server end (ie. at, not at my end), since I can post to LJ, IJ, DW, Inksome, etc. using those same methods with the same processes.

Oh...I also added posting to today, uploaded new installers for win/lin, and source code.

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April 12th, 2010

07:56 am - Rejoice! Xpostulate Install Wizard for Win/Lin
Friends, Windows Users, Xpostulators, lend me thine ears...or eyes, or something.
I come bearing great news!
I have just uploaded an Xpostulate Windows Install Wizard!
I have also uploaded a Linux Setup Wizard, although most gnu/linux users probably make to just fine with the script released with the source files.
Oh yes, the source files are also still available for download, as well.
I haven't tested the install wizard for Windows®, because I don't use Windows or have access to a Windows machine.
Could someone give it a whirl and give me a holler?
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April 11th, 2010

12:09 pm - Xpostulate: minor interface changes
I have made some minor alterations to the Xpostulate graphical user interface, moving the posting options from buttons at the bottom of the interface, after the text area, to the top, in the area where other parameters are set. There is an entry for choosing which journal to publish to (ie. your or a community), and a menu item for choosing which site.
The site list on the menu is split into those using xmlrpc and those still using the flat posting method.
It's probably best to post to flat-posting sites, first, then to the xml sites, since posting via xmlrpc will convert "<" and "&" in the post (of course, there is a "convert tags" option in the "edit" menu that will change them back/forth".
I also moved the tweeting/denting feature to the bottom of the interface, and rearranged the top area in which posting data/props/parameters are set, a bit, to make things look a bit neater.

Xpostulate: xposting blog/microblog client
here's a screenshot

(recall, you can change the colors, of course...I just chose these because they look goog on the Xpostulate page and Lj and DW communities...)

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April 10th, 2010

12:22 pm - Xpostulate v0.2
Xpostulate v0.2

Xpostulate v0.2 has been released, including support for wordpress, inksome and scribbld.
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11:29 am - Various Xpostulate news

In the past 24 hours I have successfully implemented xmlrpc posting for LJ, IJ and DW, as already mentioned.

I have added posting to and, as well,
And, I have successfully posted to my WordPress.

It seems I will be posting a new zip shortly to the Xpostulate page with support for these features.

There' still plenty of work to be done, such as tweaking and configuring the interface, adding more features (especially support for blogger api), etc.

Nonetheless, I'm satisfied enough with what's been done so far, I'm finally going to take Xpostulate from v. 0.1 to v. 0.2
Big step!


I'll call it v1.0 when it has blogger support and can download prior entries for editing.
I believe I've mentioned this, but I don't, at least at this juncture, foresee myself adding stuff like friend management, etc...but who knows...Maybe for version 2.0?
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02:59 am - Hello, World!

This is my first post ever on Scribbld.
I am writing this and posting with Xpostulate, a blogging client that I have created.
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