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May 31st, 2010

11:09 am - Supercomputers by operating system: Linux rules the roost!
From the BBC: In Graphics: Supercomputing superpowers.
supercomputers by OS, LINUX RULES!

Supercomputer graph, by operating system: Linux RULES THE ROOST!

a surprise? I think not....
The data used to generate the interactive treemap visualisation come from a draft of the June 2010 TOP500 Supercomputing list. This ranks most of the world's fastest supercomputers twice a year. There may be minor differences between this list and the final published list.

The graphic allows you to see the visualise the list by the speed of each machine; the operating systems used; what it is used for; the country where it is based; the maker of the silicon chips used to build the machine and the manufacturer of the super computer.

The maps were produced using the Prefuse Flare software, developed by the University of California Berkeley.

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May 6th, 2010

10:31 pm - screenshots

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May 5th, 2010

07:47 am - Tux Trans: gnu/linux for translators
This morning I awoke to find announcement in my inbox of the release of Tux Trans, a gnu/linux distribution, based on Ubuntu Linux.

Tuxtrans includes all of the software any professional needs for their usual office and communications needs, including web browsers, e-mail clients, VoIP and chat, the fully featured </a>OpenOffice office suite (word processing, spreadsheets, etc.), tools for multimedia, pdf file manipulation, creation, and other desktop publication tools, plus additional programs specifically useful to translators, including CAT (Computer Aided Translation) software, text aligment tools, software localization, tools, even video subtitling tools, such as:

With these tools, any professional translator is fully equipped to conquer the industry. Seriously.
The underlying system, Ubuntu gnu/Linux, of course, is a solid, fully featured, and very popular gnu/linux distrubtion (I have Ubuntu on my laptop and my netbook, but Debian on my desktops).
Tuxtrans can be tried without affecting your current system, being a LiveCD distrubtion (it can run from a CDRom, without being installed to or effecting your hard drive, while, installation is, of course, an option once you've tried it).

Kudos to Peter Sandrini for putting this all together!
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April 26th, 2010

12:39 pm - Window managers...again
So, after using wmii (window manager improved) as my default window manager for several months, I find myself using OpenBox, again.

openbox, xpostulate

Of course, I use openbox without any desktop icon managers, panels, or other trappings, solely as a window manager, and not as a desktop environment (as is done with, for instance LXDE, a "lightweight" desktop environment which uses openbox as it's window manager). I do keep a small conky script running to display a clock and a few relevant system statistics (cpu/mem usage, running procs, network traffice, clock), but that's it.

I was having issues with my CPU usage getting ramped up beyond believe, and, when taking a look at running process, it looked as though, for every wmii tab, another instance of wmii was running. Of course, I don't blame wmii entirely for running up my CPU, since I was also running some rather heavy applications, such as OmegaT (translating for very large documents, while using directories chock full of large translation memories, glossaries, and dictionary files, etc.), and, Google Chrome (which, despite being a very nifty, and blazing fast browser, is rather memory heavy). But, I saw that there were numerous instance of wmii running, and killed them, and logged into openbox again.
Gosh...openbox is just so light and fast...seriously.
Now, I really, really dig the tiling feature of wmii and similar window managers, but, that can be achieved in openbox, using a nifty little program called (who'd have thunk it) "tile".

openbox, roxterm, mocp

So, I find myself once more happily using openbox, which I've come back to time and again. I really like the ease of configuration, involving only editing a simple xml file.
editing openbox rc.xml in tcltext
It is quick and snappy, allows (via editing said rc.xml file) me to program in all of my own preferred keyboard shortcuts for my most used actions and programs, etc., and, I'll even admit, it's nice to have the program menu (rt-click on desktop) at my disposal. wmii offers not such menus. I right-clicked on my desktop once I logged into openbox, and found programs in the debian menu that I'd entirely forgotten I even had on my machine! That was a pleasant surprise.

So, while I still have many positive things to say about wmii, today I give two thumbs up to OpenBox.

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April 12th, 2010

07:56 am - Rejoice! Xpostulate Install Wizard for Win/Lin
Friends, Windows Users, Xpostulators, lend me thine ears...or eyes, or something.
I come bearing great news!
I have just uploaded an Xpostulate Windows Install Wizard!
I have also uploaded a Linux Setup Wizard, although most gnu/linux users probably make to just fine with the script released with the source files.
Oh yes, the source files are also still available for download, as well.
I haven't tested the install wizard for Windows®, because I don't use Windows or have access to a Windows machine.
Could someone give it a whirl and give me a holler?
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