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[Feb. 27th, 2009|09:59 pm]
Well, Getting more hours at work, that's good. went from 12-16 hours a week to almost 24 (with some sunday hours too, yay!). Still not much considering wht i'm making but eh.

Not sure what's happening with Anime Boston, nobu says they're probably not planning on going and not only that, the hotel is already sold out. I wouldn't doubt we'll try for another con though, we somehow pull things off out of our ass all the time.

Been playing tons of SF4. That's been fun.

WoW is eh. Why the hell do people get their panties in a twist over such stupid shit. All the drama i see in that game is never worth it. Ugh. People are so fucking stupid. I really wonder how [info]mei has the patience to deal with the guild sometimes.

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