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User:vampire_saga (18418)
Name:Sharon von Ladyfriend
Good evening~! Please make yourself comfortable in our home. There are freshly-baked cookies in the dining hall, as well as a variety of wines and merlot. Slayer has excellent taste (clearly ^.~), so enjoy yourselves~!

Disclaimer: Clearly I'm not really Sharon, as she is fictitious. She is owned by Konami and Daisuke Ishiwatari, not me ^^

Layout's original code courtesy of Snubbly~!

Interests:25: baking, being the guildmommy, coffee, cooking, cuddles, donating, dresses, gears, guilty gear, kisses, love, millia, monocles, my husband, my kids, pipes, red, slayer, snuggles, tea, that cape, vampires, venom, wine, zato
Schools:None listed
Friend of:2: eva_sparda, millia
Account type:Early Free User

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