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wags ([info]wags) wrote,
@ 2011-12-30 23:23:00

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in character.

FULL NAME: Myron Maxwell Wagtail
NICKNAMES: WAGS, My (but only to KO or he will kick you in the shin)

DATE OF BIRTH: 26/12/70
BLOODLINE: Pureblood
FORMER HOUSE & YEAR: Gryffindor / 1989
OCCUPATION: Lead vocalist – Weird Sisters
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Berkshire, on the edge of a river so K and O can moor the riverboat there.

Veronica Travers (Nee. Sommers) – Mother
Robert Travers – Father - deceased
FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS: Wags and his father never saw eye to eye, he refused to go to his father’s funeral and is actually rather glad he is dead.
His mother on the other hand is a different story, while his father was alive she was very quiet to the public eye, but inside the quiet of their house she was always very affectionate. Now her husband is dead she is slowly becoming more affectionate in general, they have always had a good relationship.

MAGICAL STRENGTHS: Defence, potions, transfiguration and charms.
MAGICAL WEAKNESSES: Divination, ancient runes, History of Magic and flying.
WAND: 12 inches, Hawthorne, Dragon Heartstring.
PATRONUS: He’s never managed to conjure one, at school he never had a good enough memory to sustain a patronus. Since gaining those memories with his friends and band mates he hasn’t tried.
BOGGART: His father rising from the grave.


PB: Include a link to icons.
Wags stands at five foot nine and is well built. He is not skinny nor fat, but simply well toned and defined. He weighs about seventy three kilos, but isn’t bothered about his weight really, as long as he doesn’t look fat. Wags has dark brown, virtually black hair, which looks even darker when he surrounds his eyes with thick black eyeliner. Though sometimes he changes it to a ‘fun’ colour like pink or neon blue. His nails are often painted black, but sometimes are whacky colours like neon green or bright pink; it depends on his mood really. He can always be found with some sort of cord or chain around his neck, he feels naked without one.

Clothing wise, Wags has a love of muggle shoes. He has a very large collection of Converse which are sorted by colour in his wardrobe. He loves leather pants and skinny jeans. He only wears boxers when he is visiting his mother as he feels it is inappropriate to see ones mother without boxers. When on stage Wags will often go topless, wearing very tight jeans.


Wags is a very private man, it takes a fair bit for him to trust people and reveal anything about himself to them. Once he knows he can trust them, Wags is an extremely loyal man. He would do anything for his friends, even if it meant dying for them. He loves deeply, his band mates are his family in everything but blood, as the saying goes ‘you can’t choose your family’.

Wags is very hard working, he strives for the best in everything, speficially when its to do with the band.

Hufflepuff – Capricorn
Hufflepuff Capricorns are extraordinarily hard workers. Their sense of duty is strong, and they have enough discipline to manage not just themselves, but a whole army of people if needs be. They take joy in being useful to other people, so are often quite helpful whether as lab partners or in their chosen careers (often in the Ministry of Magic). However, because they also make good leaders and want to get ahead in the world due to having more ambition than the average Hufflepuff, they tend to get selected for positions of authority, where they soon make themselves indispensable. They're good at organizing things. Hogwarts should always have a Hufflepuff Capricorn somewhere on the administration, to make sure all affairs are actually in order (all those head-in-the-clouds creative types on the faculty; good heavens, where would Hogwarts be if there was no way of balancing them with down to earth perspective?)

Being groped by his band mates.
Swimming in the river outside his home.
Laying outside under the stars or clouds and trying to make pictures from them.
When his hands get sticky.
If people put their hands around his throat, even when messing around.
His fathers’ side of the family.
Grabbing onto K and O if they get stuck in a crowd, he really doesn’t want to lose either of them.
Having an odd sleeping pattern.
Having an objection to wearing a shirt while on stage.
Biting during sex.


Wags was born on a stormy December night, his father away on business, his mother alone with the healer. He wasn’t due for a couple more weeks and came as a sudden surprise. The labour was quick; it seemed Wags was impatient before he was even born. His parents decided he would be their only child, wanting to make sure they gave him plenty of attention.

However it wasn’t long after he was born that trouble began to stir in the family. His father had already been ‘blasted off’ the family tree for marrying a blood traitor but the fact he had spawned a child with her caused more trouble. His father began drinking as his family started a hate campaign against him, trying to get him into ill disrepute with the pureblood families that still spoke to him, such as the prewetts/Wealsey’s. Due to this the little family of three changed Myron’s last name to Sommers, allowing him to be apart from the prejudice that was forming against the T

Growing up in a house hold where his father was heavily relying on alcohol wasn’t easy, Wags tended to stay out of his father’s way. His mother was quite cold when his father was around, trying to keep Myron from being beaten like she was behind closed doors, for Robert tended to take his frustration out on his wife. His life as a young child was quite lonely, he saw his parents at meal times and soon learned not to voice his opinions for if they differed from his fathers’ then it would mean trouble.

Receiving his Hogwarts letter, Myron was excited to get out of the house. His father wanted him to be in a strong house, telling him that Slytherin or Ravenclaw should be where he belongs. However it seemed the sorting hat had different ideas. Hufflepuff was apparently the house he belonged to. Myron went through school ‘doing his best’ but he carried on with what he enjoyed most. Singing and playing the guitar. His mother had bought him a guitar one Christmas when he was younger and his father in one of his kinder moments found him a tutor to teach him to play. However his first love was singing. Wags tended to write songs when he needed to clear his mind, some were nothing more than rants put down to a rough beat, but others he tried to put to ‘proper’ music.

His school years passed quickly, allowing him to make good friends, one of which being Kirley Duke. They first met on the train, and despite being in different houses they spent a lot of time together, finding a shared love of music. It turned out that Kirley played the guitar much better than he did and Wags tended to stick to singing from then on in. During this time Myron continued to write songs, picking up the penname, ‘Myron Wagtail’ which was shortened by Kirley to become Wags, a name that stuck.

In his fifth year of school Myron’s father became ill; his liver failing beyond what a mediwitch or healer could find a remedy to. Throughout the years Myron’s relationship with his father had deteriorated, he had fought physically with his father at one point, it only ending when he had fallen unconscious from a nasty punch. The disease had taken his father swiftly, however he didn’t die quickly, he was very ill and in pain for about six months. When it came time for the funeral Wags refused to attend, loving the fact his father was finally out of his life.

It was after school that the band was formed, Wags loves every members like family and thinks nothing if getting a little naughty with them.

• Wags Uncle is a deatheater. He is related to evil on his father’s side. However his mother enrolled him at Hogwarts using her maiden name after his father was blasted from the family tree for marrying a blood traitor.
• Wags is terrified of flying.

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2011-12-31 06:14 pm UTC (link)
Congratulations! You've been accepted to occultus as Myron Wagtail. However, before you jump straight into the game, there are a few steps you need to complete in order to be prepared.

1. Go to the Invitation Page and accept the invites for both the main community as well as the OOC community.
2. Run the Friend Adder so you can actually read the game.
3. Check your information on Contact Info post is correct, so people can get in touch with you.
4. Please remove the "out of character" and "writing samples" on your app so you're left with just a character bio and your character's secret. This stops any unwanted people getting your contact details. To make it easier, we have done it for you here. Just copy and paste your answers.
5. Introduce yourself to the game in the OOC Community.
6. Have fun!!

If you have any questions, please contact the mods via email or AIM (found on the contact page).

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