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WELCOME TO; the last day on earth ([info]windsor) wrote,
@ 2008-01-15 13:46:00

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Current mood: busy
Entry tags:4chan, anon, anonymous, macrocats, spam

&oo2&; Spam and Anonymous


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2008-01-15 07:57 pm UTC (link)
♦_♦~~~ ♫

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2009-08-25 10:31 pm UTC (link)
O hai~

Figured I'd thank you for having Axel send me the new AFI song. Didn't know about it, but it's really good. So thanks for that X3

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2009-09-05 05:44 am UTC (link)
Sorry this is late, I actually didn't know I still had a spam/anon post on this, but you're very welcome. I hoped someone would pass it along when I posted it because I know you like them.

Also, so you know [in case you want to read any of them of our adventures] I'm keeping the posts of Axel and my vacation and con trip public so you can read them.

Take care of yourself. Glad you're back in Ohio. :3

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lmao Steph can't be bothered to log out of her rp journal, sorry
2009-09-05 05:49 am UTC (link)
It's a good song X3 Have to look into more info about the new stuff. I did see their new looks though. Davey's bitchin'

I'll keep an eye out for the public posts, thanks for letting me know about those.

And thanks, it's good to be here actually, surrounded by family and all. Just not looking forward to the winter XDD

idk hit me up sometime, Eye of Mikhail on aim (idk if you ever had that name or not but yeah)

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2009-11-20 09:29 pm UTC (link)
I moved here. XD May I be added again? It's Lilly, just in case the username wasn't painfully obvious, which I'm sure it was. ♥

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