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User:wuniang (28921)
Name:[小 喬] Xiǎo Qiáo

Tomorrow's Destiny;
the littlest qiao

the girl.

the legend.

the truth.

Bossy as well as timid, Xiao Qiao’s personality comes in all sorts of variations ranging from hot to cold. She is a genuinely easygoing girl, very sweet and loving towards those who are her friends and fiercely loyal to her husband. Xiao Qiao can sometimes come off as an immature brat, willing to play pranks and jokes upon her friends out boredom. Although, because of her aspirations to be as lady-like as her older sister Da Qiao, Xiao Qiao try tries to be an upstanding lady as well as a perfect wife. She is more ambitious than her sister is and tends to be more loosely lipped. This girl is ball energy, highly enthusiastic and cheerful sometimes annoyingly so. Despite the fact her weapon of choice may be slightly unconventional, Xiao Qiao is a superb, athletic, dancer who wields two enormous gold and turquoise fans. She is graceful as she is beautiful but her dance is quite formidable for anyone one might battle her. Considering her petite size, her attacks do not do much damage at first but her speed balances out her lack of impact as she swats at her enemies with these twin battle fans. Using her enormous fans to pummel her enemies, Xiao Qiao is also able to throw them at her opponents much like a boomerang for a long distance attack. She is quite clever and can be described to be as cunning as a fox when it comes down to luring her opponents just where she wants them.&hearts Strengths: Born with a strong resolve, Xiao Qiao is the type of person willing to see any adventure to its end. Her fortitude does not waver no matter the danger.

Weaknesses: She is childish and a tad impulsive; sometimes her silly antics land her in tons of trouble. Physically, Xiao Qiao is not exactly a beacon of strength but she does manage to pack a mighty enough punch to stagger a grown man to release her from his grasp. Emotionally, she is still rather young and she sometimes let her emotions get the better of her but her best attribute is her youthful spirit.
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Schools:None listed
Communities2:traverse_town, ttooc
Member of:1: theabyss
Account type:Early Free User

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