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Community Information

Below is information about the "Creativity - The place to share ideas and fun." community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:creativity (25630)
(no userpics)
Name:Creativity - The place to share ideas and fun.
Theme:To share ideas for drawing, sewing, cooking and any other kind of craft or art.
Website:The maintainer's journal.
About:Welcome! This community is called [info]creativity to illustrate how arts, crafts and cooking can be made into both a talent and something easy for everyone to be able to do in their free-time.

In this community, members are allowed to post pictures, tutorials, instructions and recipes about any craft or cooking project you've made or participated in. There are already plenty of communities for graphics art, so why not let hands-on things have a chance to shine?

  1. No drama. If you don't like a member, please keep any and all hostility outside of the community.
  2. Constructive criticism is always allowed. If someone wants to know how to improve a project they are working on they have the option to ask for constructive criticism.
  3. If it existed on paper originally, it's allowed. Sometimes artists like digital art more than the old-fashioned media. If you have line-art to prove it was originally hand-drawn, the image will be allowed.
  4. Pictures are always welcome. Pictures of any kind of craft/project or step in a process are more than welcome to be shared.
  5. No pictures above 300x300 outside of a LJ-cut. Some members might be on dial-up and will be very unhappy if their computers freeze due to large images taking a long time to load.
These rules are subject to change and can be added to at any future date should the need arise for such modifications.
Interests:62: abstract, anklets, aprons, art, bakery, baking, beading, beads, betty crocker, blue, bracelets, campbell's, candles, canvas, clay, clips, clothing, color pencils, colors, cookies, cooking, costumes, crafts, crochet, dolls, drawing, duncan hines, earrings, easel, fabric, fimo, food, food network, freshness, fun, grease, green, hair clips, hair ties, indigo, ingredients, jewelry, keychains, kitchen, kites, knitting, lanyards, microwaves, necklaces, needles, orange, ovens, paint, pictures, pink, purple, quilts, red, sand art, sewing, thimbols, yellow
Maintainers:1: unicorn
Members:7: jackspicer, sen, strip, unicorn, utena, wolf, zombeh
Watched by:5: jackspicer, sen, unicorn, utena, wolf
Account type:Early Free User

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