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Community Information

Below is information about the "Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:crisis_core (14755)
(no userpics)
Name:Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
» I N T R O ;
Welcome to the first ever community for Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII on Scribbld.net. This community is a mirror of the same community on GreatestJournal, and it is open for any fans of the Final Fantasy VII Compilation to participate in and enjoy.

RELEASE DATES: Japan - RELEASED 13/8/07 // USA - 25th March 2008 // Europe - TBA.
» R U L E S ;
1 → Only topics relating to Crisis Core please.
2 → Spoilers must be posted behind a cut tag with a warning.
3 → Videos, images and long entries should also go behind a cut tag.
4 → No harassing other members or the moderators.
5 → Advertising is okay if you clear it with a moderator first.
6 → And most importantly, have fun.

If you are unsure of how to use the lj-cut tag, simply copy and paste the coding below.

» P O S T S ;
Unsure of what you’re allowed to post within this community? Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a short list of what is and is not acceptable posting material within this community. It’s not a definite list, so please don’t feel restricted to post only what is included here.

If you are still unsure then please ask a MOD, their contact info is below.

Basically anything relating to Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is accepted within this community. This includes, but is certainly not limited to the following:

→ News.
→ Theories.
→ Questions.
→ Fanworks (fiction, art).
→ Graphics (icons, banners, etc).
→ Relevant Advertisements (with permission from the moderators).

Unacceptable posting content includes anything relating to other titles within the Final Fantasy VII series, or any other Final Fantasy (or Kingdom Hearts) game. There are plenty of communities for them already, so please take your posts elsewhere if they do not relate to Crisis Core in any way. If you choose to ignore this warning, your posts will be deleted if deemed inappropriate by the moderators.

» L I N K S ;
If you have a Crisis Core link that you wish to share then please contact a moderator.

Official Site 「日本語」.
Official Site 「ENGLISH」.


Relevant journal communities on both LiveJournal and GreatestJournal are also accepted.
» A F F I L I A T E S ;
If you wish to affilite your community with [info]crisis_core then please contact a moderator. We affiliate with any kind of community from any SQUARE-ENIX related fandom.
» C R E D I T ;
→ Crisis Core banner made by Noir Ray.
→ Community info done by [info]azure_skies.
→ Original coding done by Reverses Collide.
» M O D S ;
Your present moderator is [info]azure_skies. Her name is Bec, she is very friendly, doesn’t bite unless provoked and can be contacted via her journal or AIM (absolution sky).

Interests:53: advent children, aeris, aeris gainsborough, aerith, aerith gainsborough, angeal, angeal hewley, before crisis, buster sword, cetra, cissnei, cloud, cloud strife, crisis core, ff7, ffvii, final fantasy 7, final fantasy vii, first class soldier, g, genesis, genesis rhapsodos, gongaga, heidegger, hojo, jenova project, kenichi suzumura, last order, lazard, maaya sakamoto, mako, materia, midgar, project g, psp, reno, rude, sephiroth, shin-ra, shinra, soldier, square-enix, takahiro sakurai, the ancients, the turks, toshiyuki morikawa, tseng, turks, zack, zack fair, zax, ザックス, ザックス・フェア
Maintainers:1: azure_skies
Members:1: azure_skies
Account type:Early Free User

(more details...)

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