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Batman/Bruce Wayne ([info]thedarkknight) wrote in [info]dc_heroes,
@ 2011-05-08 22:23:00

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Entry tags:batman, zatanna

An Unexpected Visit
Several days after the incident in Khandaq, Batman breaks into Zatanna's home at Shadowcrest. If the wards were as good as he remembered, she would be aware of his presence the moment he entered the premises.

This is exactly what he wants.

He's waiting in the library, looking among the books, as he waits for Zatanna to arrive. He remembers the last time he was here.

It hadn't gone well /then/, either.

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2011-05-09 03:13 am UTC (link)
Zatanna would appear next to him in the library, her arms crossed over her chest and an annoyed look on her face.

"You could have called, you know."

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2011-05-09 03:50 am UTC (link)
"You've been seeing John Constantine lately." Batman says without preamble.

"I didn't realize you were consorting with people like him now, Zatanna. Do you really just not care anymore?" he asks.

"He's extremely dangerous, and he could hurt seriously hurt you."

Translation: You need to end this right now.

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2011-05-09 11:55 pm UTC (link)
"Really? Are you really doing this? You barely say two words to me, and you show up here to tell me you don't 'approve' of who I'm dating? What are you, my father?"

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2011-05-10 07:30 am UTC (link)
"You're right. I don't know what I was thinking." Batman says, turning to go.

"I'll see myself out."

He'll leave unless he's stopped.

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2011-05-10 07:47 am UTC (link)
"Why did you feel the need to warn me, Bruce?" Zatanna asked his back.

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2011-05-10 07:52 am UTC (link)
Batman stops.

"The Justice League is involved elsewhere. I thought you might want to know about the person you're spending your time with. You were never big on secrets, before." Batman says.

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2011-05-10 08:04 am UTC (link)
"....You were going to get the League involved?"

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2011-05-10 08:13 am UTC (link)
"No, but I thought of passing the information to someone you might listen to. I didn't think you'd accept hearing any of this from me." Bruce says.

"When that didn't work, I came here. I can deal with Constantine if I have to." he tells her.

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2011-05-12 06:27 am UTC (link)
"Let me get this straight...you avoid talking to me for months, barely acknowledging that I exist...only to tell me that you don't approve of who I date? Who the hell do you think you are?"

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2011-05-12 06:32 am UTC (link)
"I'm watching your back and trying to keep you from letting someone pressure you into something you aren't ready for, Zatanna." Batman says evenly.

"You're sleeping with a dangerous man. Watch yourself." Batman says.

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2011-05-12 06:40 am UTC (link)
"Now you decide to look out for me? Is that what that is? Or do you just 'not approve' and decided to come over here and try me to intimidate me into calling things off with John?"

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2011-05-12 06:59 am UTC (link)
"I never stopped looking out for you, Zatanna." Batman says.

"I don't need to intimidate you; it's not productive and practically useless. But I'll deal with Constantine when necessary. I'm telling you that he's a dangerous man, and that people who stay around him long enough end up dead in short order.

I'd prefer one of those people not be you."

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2011-05-12 07:04 am UTC (link)
That right there...even though he wasn't acting like it, showed that a small part of him still cared. At least, a little.

"Thank you, Bruce."

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2011-05-12 07:14 am UTC (link)
He nods, and turns to go. He hopes this talk had some effect on her, but he knows how headstrong Zee can be.

Batman hopes that he doesn't have to bury her soon.

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2011-05-13 05:55 am UTC (link)
John's image appears in the mirror on a nearby wall.

"Hello, luv. You figure out what was wrong at home?" he asks.

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2011-06-26 07:11 pm UTC (link)

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