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John Constantine ([info]hell_blazer) wrote in [info]dc_heroes,
@ 2010-11-20 20:24:00

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Entry tags:constantine

Another Day in the Life of a Private Investigator
John Constantine will be the first person to tell you that he is not a good man, by any stretch of the imagination. He's done things to people that, at the least, that could be termed "shitty", simply because he could. Every now and again, one of his better angels gets a word in and he does something termed "noble", but the streak never lasts too long.

A man has to eat after all, and if he wants to eat well, he gets paid better for doing shitty things over noble ones.

His current John (because no matter what job you do, you're prostituting yourself for money, don't bloody forget it) has him tailing a quality piece of tail named Carol Ferris. She's the CEO of some high-falutin' aeronautics company, and a smarter woman than would give Constantine himself the time of day when it came down to it; he's an acquired taste, like absinthe. He's also similar to absinthe in that too much of him will kill a woman, in just as literal a fashion.

He's been watching her for three days now as she goes about her routine, aided by his magic and years of experience in running surveillance. He knows that the man in the brown leather coat is her employee and Friend With Benefits, Hal Jordan. The man interests him, as John is certain that he's the one who crawled out of that smashed up grave a couple of weeks ago, but he needs to get closer to him to be certain. One of the two parties paying him to watch her supplied that information as well as a list of her employees. He's followed her to work, out while she buys her overpriced coffee and cheesecake, to a business lunch here or there, and finally home for the evening, when she meets up with her boyfriend. John's also become aware that some bloke by the name of Green Lantern also likes to pay calls on Carol when Jordan's not around, and John's obtained a picture of him landing at her place and not leaving until morning.

Both of my Johns will pay good money to know that Miss Ferris is loose with her morals, if not her pocketbook. John thinks.

He wonders if Jordan would pay to know about Carol's wandering eye, though he's heard Jordan has something of one himself. He also, out of curiosity, took a couple of snapshots of Jordan with a prime piece of tail at a Cafe downtown just an hour or two ago. Now, Carol is meeting with Bruce "Loosey Brucey" Wayne for lunch, and Constantine likes the soap opera this whole thing has become. If he weren't working this case for the cash, he'd call Zatanna, pop some corn and play "Watch the Trainwreck" with her. Sadly, it's just not to be.

He's getting paid to watch her by two different parties with differing agendas so, for now, John settles for getting himself a table inside the fancy restaurant that Ferris is meeting Wayne at. He sends a text both of his employers, informing them of who she's meeting with, the time and the location. Then orders himself a big steak and potatoes and settles in to enjoy himself and see what comes out of the meeting, setting his camera phone on the table discreetly.

Just another day in the life of a private investigator.

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