DC Heroes

November 24th, 2010

After Work Martini @ 07:58 am


John Constantine stops at the corner store near the motel he's staying in and picks up some beer and tea, just in case he has company this evening. He left Zatanna a message, inviting her to his temporary home in Coast City, even offering to buy her some of the best take-out she's ever had.

He gets home, takes over his trenchcoat, then locks the door and waits to see if she'll show. In the meantime, he goes over his wall of pictures and information, looking at photos of Ferris, Jordan and Bruce Wayne as he tries to see how it all fits together.

November 20th, 2010

Another Day in the Life of a Private Investigator @ 08:24 pm


John Constantine will be the first person to tell you that he is not a good man, by any stretch of the imagination. He's done things to people that, at the least, that could be termed "shitty", simply because he could. Every now and again, one of his better angels gets a word in and he does something termed "noble", but the streak never lasts too long.

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October 25th, 2010

JLA Forever! @ 07:54 pm



The Hall of Justice shone in the early morning, sunlight glinting off its gold and silver facade. Great glass panels allowed light to flood into its marble entryway.

The Man of Steel stood in the doorway for a brief moment, taking in the room. This had once been a bustling hub of activity, staffed with dozens of aides and security personnel. The main floor of the Hall of Justice had acted as an embassy, a link between the world of Super heroes and everyday people. Here, one could learn about the history of groups like the JSA and Justice League, and could file petitions for the League to help with a crisis. While the League was stretched thin, they still tried to find time to make people feel as though they were listened to. That the League cared.

Superman found himself wandering through the empty reception area, following a familiar route. He ran his hand over the desk where a young receptionist had sat. Her name had been Judy Torrence...

“What do you make of the Hall, Mister Kent?” she had asked him, some months ago...

Clark had frowned, looking up at the amazing architecture. “It's...breathtaking, of course. But I can't help but wonder what the point of all this is, ” he had said. His thoughts had been clouded with doubt, in those days leading up to the League's dissolution.

Judy had frowned, twirling her short blond hair on one finger, “I know there's a lot rumours going around that the League's going to break up- but I can't see why.” He had been surprised to see tears twinkle in her eyes. “People think that our heroes just spend their time fighting aliens and super-villains, but they help everyday people too...” She had opened up a drawer in her desk, and produced a book. As she flipped through it, Clark saw the faces of smiling children, tearful families holding one another, paramedics and firemen giving thumbs-up. “Who are they?” Clark had asked.

Judy had smiled “They're people the League has helped. They send in these pictures. Some of them were saved from floods or natural disasters, some were brought food during famines in their countries, some are just first-responders who didn't have to go into a burning building because a hero was able to do it for them.” Her eyes had shone with hope. “When aliens invade or monsters try to destroy a city- a thousand people are helped in a thousand different ways, by groups like the Justice League. But you don't see stories about these people on TV or in the paper. Because it happens to often, we take it for granted...

Superman smiled at the memory, and wondered where Judy Torrence was now. He vowed silently that should- no, when the League re-formed- that he would personally ask her to come back and work for them. Possibly as head of public relations.

But for now, Superman had to content himself with leaving the Lobby and Museum level- and taking the secure elevator to the top floor.

The sliding doors opened, and Superman stepped out onto the Executive Level. A great conference table dominated the room, symbols etched into the back of chairs. Superman was early, so he went and stood before the glass wall that overlooked the the city beyond. He waited for the others to arrive- so they might start to rebuild the Justice League of America.


August 1st, 2010

Puttin' on the ritz (open) @ 12:37 am


Full house tonight.

Zatanna was doing what she did when she wasn't out assisting her fellow heroes or sloving some magical mayhem.

Her day job.

Tonight, she was in Vegas, as part of a week-show run. Three shows a day, a different routine each time. Hey, she had to change it up a bit. Give them a little something to wait for each time. Because if it came known that she did the same thing everytime...well, she couldn't just have that, now could she?

And now, for the grand finale.

"Ecenidua otni ehe ria!" Every seat in the house was suddenly floating in the air, while a brightly colored light show danced around them. When it was over, the audience members would find bags containing a nice assortment of goodies under their seats.

"Thank you, Las Vegas! And goodnight!" Zee said, teleporting into her dressing room.

"Aet htiw yenoh," she said, the steaming cup appearing in her hands.