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Community Information

Below is information about the "Guess My Heritage" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:guessmyheritage (27964)
(no userpics)
Name:Guess My Heritage
About:Like the title says, this is a community where you post a few pictures and members guess your heritage ~ meaning where your family originally came from by the way you look.


1. No racism, sexism, or any other form of prejudice. We accept every race and walk of life.
2. Be nice. No name calling, bashing, or excessive arguing.
3. Do not repost the pictures found on [other's] applications without their concent.
4. Promotion for related communities is allowed as long as it is not an accept/reject community. Limit the promotion to one per community, please.
5. Friends Lock entries, please.
6. You may tell people if their guess are correct, but make sure you screen the comment. You do not have to tell people yes or no right then though, as you need to make a second post a few days later telling us your real heritage.
7. You are not a heritage teacher. This means do not give us a lesson on conquest and mixing of heritage and that whole story because we all know about it, but you may say something like "I am Filipino so I think that implies Spanish." Something like "Irish isn't really a heritage because of conquering and rape..." is not acceptable. This saves pointless fights.


1. American/Canadian/Australian are not "races" as they tend to be places with people of mixed origin. Although, there can be natives of all of those and of the three Australian is probably the closet to being one.
2. Majority of people have heritage from multiple countries, guess more than one.
3. Here, Indian means from India, not those people displaced by conquesters. This saves us major confusion.
4. Please, try to guess countries rather than "Asian" or "European." If you are really unsure you can guess something like "Southeast Asian" or "Eastern European." For example: Kristin Kreuk is Dutch and Chinese, rather than guessing Asian and European, guess East Asia and Western European.
5. When posting try to avoid wearing "ethnic" clothing, that makes it too easy.
6. Many Americans have Irish heritage. Many are also German and Polish.
7. According to the 2000 U.S. Census, the largest immigrant groups to the U.S. were (starting with the largest) Mexican, Filipino, Indian, Chinese, and Vietnamese. In 1970, the largest groups were Italian, German, Mexican, Polish, and English. In 1900, the largest were German, Irish, English, Swedish, and Italian. In 1870, the largest were Irish, English, German, Scottish, and French. (In 1870, 1900, and 1970 there were significantly large amounts of Canadian immigrants)
8. A lot of people with Native American heritage will have high cheekbones.
9. When we get right down to it most people from the Carribbean, Central America, and South America tend to be a mixture of white (Dutch, English, or French, usally.), black, Native American, and hispanic. There are also those who are mixed with Asian and Middle Eastern.
10. Try making your pictures from a variety of angles with different facial expressions in different lighting. Having an outdoor picture would be a good idea just for "natural lighting" reasons. However, you can just post whatever pictures you like.

When should I post my "reveal"?
Try to do no less than a day later and no more than a week.
Can I post pictures of my friends who also want guessed?
Yes, you may post as many of them as you wish
Can I repost?
Yes, but wait a couple weeks to do so
May I leave out my name, if I feel it gives too much away?
Yes, although, I think most people ignore names, but if you feel the need.
What exactly is Jewish?
Beyond the fact it is a religion, it was considered a race by Hilter and is considered a race by other people, too. Basically, it is just the Israelites (ancient Israelies // lived in the Middle East, just to make things clear) intermixed with people of different nationalities. That's why it is like a Russian Jew, Hungarian Jew, etc. There was a whole culture (language: Yiddish) to go along with it at one point, but Hilter nearly wiped it out. After WWII, the concentration camps were gone many of the Jews in camps and also those who escaped into other countries went to the newly Ally-formed Israel.
Is Australian an ethnicity?
No, just think of it like America but a little closer to having its own ethnic group. There are Indigenous Australians just like there are Native Americans.
I got this message that said something about max posts in queue, what does that mean?
Since we monitor posting, it just means that you already have a post awaiting moderation and can not make another one until that one has been accepted (or declined, for that matter).
What exactly is a Gypsy?
The Romany (also Romani, Romanies, Romanis, or Gypsies) are an ethnic group with origins in South Asia. The Romany are widely dispersed with their largest concentrated populations in Europe, but also in the Americas and, to a lesser extent, in Northern Africa and Asia. Today, the term Romany is used by most organizations, including the United Nations, the Council of Europe, and the US Library of Congress. However, some organizations use the term Roma to refer to the Romany people around the world, though it is technically incorrect. Sometimes, Rom and Romany are spelled with a double r, i.e., Rrom and Rromany, particularly in Romania in order to distinguish from the Romanian endonym (români). If you have further questions about the Romany people, it may be best to visit [info]roma_andfriends.

Interests:68: african, asian, bengali, black, british, bulgarian, cambodian, cherokee, chileano, chinese, cuban, czech, english, european, filipina, filipino, french, game, games, german, guess, guessing games, gypsies, gypsy, heritage, hispanic, hungarian, immigrant, indian, irani, iraqi, irish, israeli, italian, japanese, korean, kuwaiti, latina, latino, mexican, middle eastern, nationality, native, native american, native canadian, peruvian, photos, pictures, politics, pride, puerto rican, race, roma, romani, romanian, romany, russian, saudi, scottish, sinti, slovakian, spanish, swedish, turkish, ukranian, vietnamese, welsh, white
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