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User:gypsy (21612)
Bio:Age: 31
Sex: female
Orientation: Bi
Location: Portland, Oregon
Nationality: ½ Romani, ½ a few other things
Occupation: Student, (pre-law)

About me:
I am very opinionated. I am not always a nice person. People tend to either love me or hate me.
I can be selfish, sarcastic, cold and brutally honest. My opinions are controversial. I am pro-choice but oppose the death penalty. I am equally interested in both animal and human rights. In politics I am very liberal. I am against breed specific legislation.
I can speak English, some Swedish and some Romanes. My journal is written in English.

About my journal:
All the interesting stuff is friends only. Comment on any entry to be added. If your journal is brand new, it won't happen.

Music, my pets and my husband are my life.
In my iPhone you will find more photos than phone numbers, everything from Metallica to Miles Davis, and anything in between, besides country.
I am an amateur photographer, a pianist without a piano, and I do both graphic and web design. I read law and psychology textbooks for fun. I watch very little tv, in fact, I don't even own one. I tend to watch programs on networks like National Geographic, Animal Planet, the History Channel and the Discovery Channel.

Current Obsessions:
Jeeps, Romani rights, kohl eyeliner, languages, law, apple computers

Gizmo: 4 year old Brussels Griffon, registered AKC.
Chakotay: 3 year old Siberian Husky, registered PAL, *.
Fin: 4 year old cinnamon Ferret, *.
Talula: 3 year old cinnamon Ferret, *.
Fiona: 2 year old sable Ferret, *.
Luna: 2 year old silver mitt Ferret, *.

Spending $$$
Spoiling my pets
Chips & Salsa
Bath Products




* = rescue
Interests:95: 80's music, abortion rights, adoption, agnosticism, alternative lovestyles, ancestry, animal rights, animals, anti-racism, antique furniture, apple computers, arnica, art, bleeding hearts, blues, brussels griffons, camping, churches, coffee mugs, cultural preservation, dicentra, digital art, dirty carrots, dogs, dysfunctional families, eastern europe, edward gorey, endometriosis, equality, ethnic studies, feminism, ferrets, fireplaces, flowers, fresh cut grass, gardens, gastritis, graphic design, greece, gypsies, gypsy jazz, gypsy swing, harlan ellison, horror films, horticulture, human rights, jacek yerka, jazz, jeeps, kohl eyeliner, languages, law, lighthouses, loud music, love, macintosh, makeup, museums, music, nature, nordic breeds, off-roading, old growth forests, orchids, oregon coast, pets, pianos, piercings, pomegranates, psychology, rainy days, religion, romani, romani issues, romany, sandcastles, sarcasm, siberian huskies, silver jewelry, sinti, sleep paralysis, stained glass, stargazing, steampunk, t-shirt surgery, tattoos, tea, the holocaust, thunderstorms, tolerance, torn blue jeans, travel, wildflowers, women's rights, wood fires
Communities27:akc, animal_rescue, animal_rights, anti_breedists, bisexual, brusselsgriffon, child_free, child_free_mod, child_free_pets, dogs, endometriosis, ferrets, guessmyheritage, human_rights, jeep_girls, jeeps, macintosh, portland_oregon, pro_choice, pugs, roma_andfriends, romani, romany_adoption, romany_women, siberianhuskies, siberspace, the_holocaust
Account type:Early Free User

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