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Community Information

Below is information about the "Child Free" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:child_free (27960)
Name:Child Free
About:What does it mean to be "child free?"

We are a group of adults who all share at least one common desire: we do not wish to have children of our own. We are teachers, doctors, business owners, authors, computer experts - you name it. We choose to call ourselves "child free" rather than "childless," because we feel the latter term implies that we're missing something we want - and we aren't. We consider ourselves child FREE - free of the loss of personal freedom, money, time and energy that having children requires.


1) No DRAMA, no personal attacks. If you don't agree with a post or comment, explain your position politely, or move on.

2) No PARENTS - Sorry, there are plenty of other places on the internet (and in the world) for you. You don't belong here, just like we don't belong at daycare, in kids playgroups or at PTA meetings. You're likely to be offended by some things posted here, and it's just better for everyone if we don't mix. Child free people get enough grief from parents, expectant parents, want-to-be parents and their own parents - they don't need to get it here, too.

3) Unlike other communities, deletion of harassing or inappropriate comments is at the discretion of the poster. It's your post ~ you can delete, edit and manage it as you see fit. If you need a comment string reviewed by a mod, please go into the entry and disable comments, rather than deleting them. This stops further harassment, and preserves comments already made (so they can't be deleted by the user who made them before a mod can review it). Screen-prints are not accepted, since they can easily be altered. All that said, please do not delete a comment simply because you don't agree with it. Users are allowed to disagree with posts, respectfully. Personal attacks, excessive comments or posts which are identical or similar in nature, or which contain threatening, menacing, or otherwise crude remarks will be removed by a mod, and the user banned (whether the original poster is offended or not). There is a difference between a debate and an attack. Please learn the difference before you post here.

4) Do not recruit friends to back-up your posts or arguments. This includes reposting (in your own journal or elsewhere) other users' comments or posts - that is a copyright violation, as well as a violation of LJ's Terms of Service, and will get you banned.

5) If the assistance of a moderator is required, please send a message via LJ's messaging system. You may also leave a comment at [info]child_free_mod, explaining the situation. All comments are screened, and your identity will not be revealed.

Interests:66: abortion, abortion rights, animal rights, animals, birth control, bisexual, cats, childfree, childless by choice, choice, communities, condoms, critters, dating, democrats, depo-provera, dink, dogs, equal rights, essure, family planning, feminism, ferrets, free time, freedom, furbabies, gay, government, green party, iud, kitties, leisure, lesbian, libertarians, marriage, men, monkeys, no kidding, nonconformists, norplant, now, planned parenthood, politically incorrect, politics, pro-choice, prochoice, puppies, reproductive rights, republicans, respect, romance, sex, single, singles, sterilization, taxes, the pill, tubal, tubal ligation, tubals, vasectomies, vasectomy, voting, women, women's lib, women's rights
Maintainers:1: gypsy
Moderators:1: gypsy
Members:1: gypsy
Watched by:1: gypsy
Account type:Early Free User

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