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Community Information

Below is information about the "Body Modification" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:modifications (30762)
Body Modification
For tattoo, piercing, scarification, and other modification interests...
About:A community dedicated to discussing, sharing, and posting photos about body modification including piercings, tattoos, stretching, and much more. Hopefully, this place will be a zone for good information and advice in order to keep people informed and safe. It will also be able to be a haven for discussing what piercings you may want or for your own opinions on what might look right on your face, as well as posting pictures of your own modifications (or ideas for ones you're planning) to share with others. This is also a good place to ask questions regarding body modification, and even if your question cannot be answered by members, you'll be referred to places and people who can.

You are welcome to post as often as you like, but please make sure that each post includes something body modification related. If you'd like, you can post about what you did this past weekend or ask for advice, but include at least one thing regarding modification, whether it's a photo you took that shows off yours or someone else's mods, a question, a link to an interesting article you read, or any number of things of that nature.

Appropriate Things To Post:
-Questions regarding safety, jewelry, artists, placement, and other modification-related things
-Experiences and reviews of different shops, artists, and piercers
-Requests for information on people's own experiences (ex.: I'm thinking about getting a surface piercing on my sternum. What kinds of experiences have people had with them?)
-Photos of current modifications (but please try to include a bit more information than just photos, such as jewelry, artist, experiences with healing and the initial piercing, etc.)
-Questions about experiences with different retailers and makers
-Requests for opinions on whether or not you should get a certain piercing (although this one is to be used sparingly by each member...please, don't go posting every week or so about how you want this or that just so you can post photos of yourself and get responses)
-Photos that include your modifications - regardless of whether or not it's specifically focused on them, if it's an interesting, quality photo (read: not photobooth/low resolution/angled MySpace-type photos), it's worth posting :)
-Requests on where to find specific pieces of jewelry and services (such as scalpelling, punching, tongue-splitting, etc.)

Inappropriate Things To Post:
-Hotlinked photos (as in, pictures that have been uploaded to someone else's server)
-Contrasted, angled photos that barely show your face let alone your piercings, tattoos, etc.
-Criticisms of another person's taste in modifications; just because you may think getting a portrait or name or whatever tattooed on you is lame, it doesn't mean you need to run around discussing it. Keep your unnecessarily negative comments to yourself. Now, if something's done poorly, unsanitarily, unsafely, etc., that's an entirely different story...
-Posts that are entirely unrelated to modification

-All entries must contain something modification related, although other topics and photos may be included.
-Do not hotlink photos.
-Note the word "constructive" in constructive criticism. It's very important. ;D
-Try to stay active! :) Promote to others interested, if possible.

The following are resources you can and should utilize:
BMEzine - One of the oldest and most helpful body modification communities. There is an endless source of intelligent, extremely qualified people here. If you need help finding a good shop or want to know what a certain piercing's jewelry should be (among millions of other informative things), this is an awesome place to look.
BMEzine Encyclopedia - BME's fantastically helpful encyclopedia.
BodyMods - This LJ community has a high number of intelligent individuals who know a huge amount about body modification. The memories and tags display a wealth of accessible information.
Stretched - This LJ community can and will tell you just about anything you need to know regarding the stretching of piercings and much more.
Interests:15: artists, bmezine, body modification, branding, jewelry, piercers, piercing, plugs, punching, scalpelling, scarification, stretching, suspension, tattoo artists, tattoos
Maintainers:2: doubleindemnity, modification
Members:10: bby, coasts, dandi, dessen, doubleindemnity, dust, how, modification, octopus, serotonin
Watched by:6: coasts, dandi, dust, how, modification, octopus
Account type:Early Free User

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