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Community Information

Below is information about the "The Official Pokémon Community" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:pokemon (10973)
Gotta catch 'em all!
(no userpics)
Name:The Official Pokémon Community
Theme:For the discussion of Pokémon
About:I'm working on the userinfo.

Just some basic guidelines so no one tries trolling:

Don't join if you don't like Pokémon
Don't cause drama in the community, any drama posts will be deleted
Do not harass other members, everyone is invited here, even if it's someone you may not like
Do not post huge images without using the <lj-cut> tag, same goes for long posts (ie. fanfictions)
No spamming communities without an ok from the mod

Mod - [info]kratos

Affiliates - [info]pokewifi
Interests:112: animal crossing, animal crossing wild world, anime, articuno, ash, battles, blue, brock, bulbasaur, celebi, characters, charmander, clefairy, collecting, communities, crystal, cute things, deoxys, diamond, drawing, ds, ebay, electabuzz, emerald, fan art, fan clubs, fanfiction, fire red, friend codes, friends, gameboy, gameboy advance, gameboy advance sp, gameboy color, gamecube, gold, graphics, helping others, ho-oh, icons, interactive games, japan, jigglypuff, jirachi, kyogre, latias, latios, layouts, leaf green, learning, love, lugia, making friends, manga, mew, mewtwo, minun, misty, moltres, mudkip, nintendo, nintendo ds, nintendo gamecube, nintendo wifi, nintendo wii, nintendogs, obsession, pearl, pets, photos, pikachu, plusle, pocket monster, pokemon, pokemon blue, pokemon cards, pokemon crystal, pokemon diamond, pokemon emerald, pokemon fire red, pokemon gold, pokemon leaf green, pokemon pearl, pokemon plushies, pokemon red, pokemon ruby, pokemon sapphire, pokemon series, pokemon silver, pokemon toys, pokemon yellow, pokémon, portable games, raichu, rayquaza, reading, red, rpgs, ruby, rukiro, sapphire, silver, squirtle, torchic, trading, video games, virtual pets, wi-fi, wii, writing, yellow, zapdos
Maintainers:1: kratos
Members:6: kratos, notjustapuppet, pikachu, singalongforme
Account type:Early Adopter

(more details...)

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