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Community Information

Below is information about the "Shag or Gag @ Scribbld~!" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:shag_or_gag (16174)
Name:Shag or Gag @ Scribbld~!

Oh, another rating community? How cute. How cliche.
We're combining LJ and GJ rating styles here.
You need to be voted in and if you make it that far, you apply for a score.
We expect to have standards here, so if you are disgusting you won't make it in. The end.


All graphics made by [info]freebird.

Your Mod:

(I'm looking for 2 more mods.)

Rules for Non-Members

1. Don't be ugly.
2. Don't be stupid.
3. Apply, fuckers.
(the app is hella short)

Rules for Members

1. Don't be ugly.
2. Don't be stupid.
3. Stay active.

Rules for Lurkers

*see 1 & 2 above*
3. You MUST put the word "Lurker" or "L" in the subject of your comments.
4. You may only comment, not post. If you vote, it won't count so don't do it.
5. If I see you being a pain in the ass, i'll kick you out- no warnings.


None yet, please apply!
Interests:3: being better than you, rating, rating communities
Maintainers:2: partybus, shagorgagmods
Members:24: basements, bubblegum, butterface, dandi, dutchess, hemogoblin, hotdigidydog, houseboat, inspire, monoxide, ocean, pandolfo, partybus, pocketsoul, shagorgagmods, sincere, skye, smoothie, songbird, sounditout, supromote, tinyteeth, weak
Watched by:16: alienfetus, basements, dandi, dutchess, fallenscarlet, hemogoblin, hotdigidydog, inspire, pandolfo, partybus, shagorgagmods, smoothie, songbird, sounditout, tinyteeth, weak
Account type:Early Free User

(more details...)

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