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User:voile_le_ciel (38415)
Website:Twitter Account
Location:United States
AOL IM:AIM status voileleciel (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:I'm all about the wordplay.
Interests:131: 2ne1, 6teen, ace of cakes, advent children, afo, animal crossing, arashi, attp, avatar: the last airbender, axis powers hetalia, barefoot truth, beauty and the beast, big bang, boa, braddigan, bumming around, castle, chowder, clothes, crayon shinchan, crisis core, dancing, dar williams, demi lovato, desperate housewives, disney animation studios, dispatch, dissidia, donovan frankenreiter, drawing, eating, fairy tail, fake, fashion design, final fantasy vii, final fantasy viii, final fantasy xii, final fantasy xiii, flapjack, four swords, french, gackt, ghost whisperer, grey's anatomy, gundam wing, gyakuten kenji, gyakuten saiban, hammocks, hetalia, hey!say! jump, history, host club, jack johnson, james taylor, japanese, japanese culture, jason mraz, jesse mccartney, junjou romantica, justin timberlake, k-on, keroro gunsou, kingdom hearts, kitchen, kokoro, kung fu movies, lady gaga, languages, link's awakening, loco roco, majora's mask, maroon 5, mika, miley cyrus, milkshakes, mobile suit gundam, monkey majik, my fair wedding, napping, ocarina of time, okami, one piece, oracle of ages, oracle of seasons, owl city, paper mario, phantom hourglass, phoenix wright, pirates, pixar, princess and the frog, professor layton, ratatouille, sailing, scrubs, shoes, shopping, singing, skiing, spirit tracks, state radio, tackey and tsubasa, taylor swift, tegami bachi, the adventures of link, the great gatsby, the legend of zelda, the minish cap, the office, the tale of genji, the windwaker, tohoshinki, traveling, twewy, twilight princess, ugly betty, unlimited adventure, up, utada hikaru, voice acting, what not to wear, white serpent castle, wizards of waverly place, zee avi, zelda, タッキ&翼, レイトン教授, , 東方神起, 素晴らしいこの世界, 逆転裁判
Schools:None listed
Mutual Friends:1: voile_le_ciel
Account type:Early Free User

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