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User:zelos (24211)
Name:Mari → Baby I'm Bad News
Website:One Manga
AOL IM:AIM status awesomeinstead (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Mari → The Multiple Trick Pony
Mari is a twenty-two year old girl currently living in the United States. Right now she's in school finishing up her studies to be a fashion designer. She loves art and music. Doodles on any piece of paper she can get her hands on. She's the only living daughter out of six other brothers. Even though she comes from a very big family she enjoys her time to herself and can spend hours on end locked up in her room listening to music and drawing. She was brought up by parents who mainly spoke in Italian so sometimes her English isn't amazing, but she tends to think she gets by.

Interests → We Need Something To Pass The Time
I like to draw mostly. I can fill notebook after notebook with just stupid doodles, all of which I save. I also like to write too because sometimes when I draw something I like to give it a story, or while I draw it I'm thinking of a story and I scrawl it down afterwards.

I'm also a bit of an anime nerd. Though I don't tend to get into something just because everyone else is going on about it. Not to say I don't give these flavors of the month a chance it just takes a bit to captivate my interests. I tend to stay out of fandoms anyway mostly because I find fans annoying. Really annoying. My current favorites are: Tales of Symphonia, Yuugiou, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Black Cat.

Zelos [at] Scribbld.net → Taking Up Space
I accept anyone and everyone who asks to friend me. I give my trust out like hookers give out sex for the most part. While my trust is easily earned it isn't easily regained if lost. I like to give everyone one fair shot and then if they prove me stupid for friending them I don't look back. Not so say that I don't give second chances. You just have to earn them. I love meeting people though I'm a pretty big social butterfly. I can come off as a bit harsh though mostly because my main stance is never sugar coating anything for anyone. Sometimes the truth sucks, but we all need to hear it. I expect the same from everyone else though in regards to me. If I can dish it out I have to be able to take it too.

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Interests:29: adult swim, anime, black cat, chocolate, dbz, dragonball z, family guy, genis, himym, indiana jones, italy, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts 2, kyoko, malik, music, pirates, playstation, roller coasters, rp, sho, sims 2, snowboarding, star wars, tales of symphonia, yu-gi-oh, yu-gi-oh gx, yuugiou, zelos
People5:aheroemerges, alazif, juuhachigou, juunanagou, zelos
Friend of:2: juunanagou, zelos
Account type:Early Free User

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