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_tsunami_ ([info]_tsunami_) wrote,
@ 2013-01-31 18:49:00

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Fun on the beach
Sand. Cait wasn't a big fan of sand, but one had to endure sand if one wanted to play in the surf. Sand was more Corey's element. It was a day for the X-ers to kick back, relax and play in the sun. Cait pulled some water out of the ocean and formed some ice sculptures on the beach

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2013-02-01 12:37 pm UTC (link)
It was nice when they could catch a break and enjoy a little normal time. Etoile spent a good time swimming, before coming back on the beach to sun dry and idly build a few sand castles. She felt like a kid doing this again.

She looked over to Cait, blinking a little."Wow, those are pretty cool sculptures. No pun intended." Etoile says, smiling at Cait.

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2013-02-01 06:16 pm UTC (link)
"Thanks," she said. "I like practicing with my powers whenever I can. You know what they say about skills and not using them."

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2013-02-03 08:07 pm UTC (link)
"I do as well! Except my isn't element base, so I need to do mine in the danger room. Yes!" Etoile agrees, nodding her head.

Etoile finished building her rather large and impressive sand castle. Now she'll be working on the water way.

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2013-02-03 10:21 pm UTC (link)
"I do better outside," Cait said with a smile. "We, my brothers and I, all do."

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2013-02-04 12:53 pm UTC (link)
Etoile nods, still listening to Cait as she talks. Etoile finally finished her masterpiece! Stands up to admire her fine work of art sand.

"You all have the same kind of power?" Etoile asked.

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