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User:alegretto (23977)
Name:Okura's Creativeness
Location:Brisbane, QLD, Australia
AOL IM:AIM status Oni Okura (Add Buddy, Send Message)

Hey there!

This is the creative journal belonging to okura_chan. Here you'll find random icons (perhaps other graphics) that I've created. Maybe a few pictures at times. Mainly, most likely, it will contain random stories, maybe fan fiction, paragraphs and bunches of writings that I do in my spare time. Spur of the moment things like that.

I've veered away from it a lot, but there may be a slim chance of these writings containing boys love (only if you squint). If there is, I'll pop a warning in. But it probably won't be in fan fiction. Just because.


Font: Dafont
Brushes/Patterns: cbg
hawkmont - don't know the link
100 x 100 brushes

Images: (various)

Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide
Interests:40: angel sanctuary, anime, atelier iris, baccano!, bread, cheese, cold play, d.gray-man, drawing, eternal sonata, gintama, hibiki's magic, icons, japanese, japanese culture, kanokon, languages, last alliance, lovely complex, manga, muse, painting, pasta, pillows, potato, ragnarok, rain, rogue galaxy, saboten no himitsu, shinigami tensei, sleep, soul eater, spiral, spiral: suiri no kizuna, stickers, travis, uverworld, video games, weiss kruez, writing
Schools:None listed
Mutual Friends:1: okura_chan
Account type:Early Free User

(more details...)

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